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What if Music Could Really Change the World?

Music makes the people come together It turns out Madonna was right when she said music makes the people come together. The creators of Playing For Change (PFC), a movement set up to inspire and connect the world through music, believe that singing and playing instruments together has the power to overcome distances and break down barriers […]

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7 Astonishing Facts About the Science of Emotions

Shedding light on the inner workings of our Soul Love, anger, fear, excitement, happiness, anxiousness, pride – the range of human emotions is nuanced and ever-growing. But what is it that causes us to feel one way or another? How do feelings manifest themselves and what can we learn about this? Science is on hand […]

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7 Spiritual Frequency Sound Journeys [Video Playlist]

Listen to these meditative and calming music compilations The landscape of things positive is an abundant one. It includes stirring motivational quotes, confidence-building affirmations, and inspiring media (think Goodnet)! But did you know about positive sound? There’s a whole soundscape of meditative frequencies that can uplift us through our sense of hearing. These provide restorative […]

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Good Vibrations: The Healing Power of Sound

The vibrations that we hear have powerful therapeutic properties in medicine, spirituality, or even just to cheer up after a difficult day In its most simplistic form, sound refers to a type of energy transmitted as waves or vibrations that produce a sensation in our ears. At the right frequency though, sound can provide a […]

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6 Surprising Effects of Music on the Brain

The scientific low-down on why pumping the tunes really does spread good vibes Every time we listen to music, amazing neurological processes are taking place behind the scenes. Research from around the world has revealed a wide range of positive effects that music has on the brain – from increased creativity and decision making to […]





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