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Spiritual Solutions for Depression and Anxiety

“Nourishing the Soul by adding a healthy spiritual diet to traditional treatments can open new channels of hope and confidence. The joy of the soul, in turn, weakens the debilitating fear and demoralization of the depressed psyche.” Traditional medications and treatments are offered as a temporary or longer-term solution, yet what has been less explored are the […]


3 Reasons Change is Your New Best Friend – And How to Embrace It!

It is said that the only thing constant in life is change. And yet, it is something we all struggle with. Sometimes we feel a lack in our lives that we want to change but don’t believe it is possible. Other times we face change that is beyond our control, and we resist it with […]


Vertical Farming is a Sustainable Alternative to Conventional Agriculture

The innovative company uses aeroponic technology in indoor vertical farms to grow food safely with a lower environmental impact. AreoFarms is a company on a mission to change the way agriculture is done by building environmental responsible farms worldwide that will enable local pesticide-free nutritious food production at scale. How they do it is what […]


How Permaculture Can Give Food Security to Future Generations

Recently, awareness about where our food comes from, and how to support more sustainable forms of agriculture has surged. Many young professionals are opting to purchase food through CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes. These boxes are filled with fruits and vegetables from local, and often organic, farms, and are sometimes even delivered straight to the […]

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5 Movies That Celebrate Love Against All Odds

Sometimes all it takes to bring two different people from two different backgrounds together is true love. Love – the only force powerful enough to bring two people together, whatever the odds. Whether it’s a sinking ship, a family feud, or a disapproving mother, love can overcome it all. This concept is as old as […]





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