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How Permaculture Can Give Food Security to Future Generations

Recently, awareness about where our food comes from, and how to support more sustainable forms of agriculture has surged. Many young professionals are opting to purchase food through CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes. These boxes are filled with fruits and vegetables from local, and often organic, farms, and are sometimes even delivered straight to the […]

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5 Movies That Celebrate Love Against All Odds

Sometimes all it takes to bring two different people from two different backgrounds together is true love. Love – the only force powerful enough to bring two people together, whatever the odds. Whether it’s a sinking ship, a family feud, or a disapproving mother, love can overcome it all. This concept is as old as […]

Chris Ochoa:Overtown Community Fridge

Community Refrigerators Are Packed with Delicious Produce for All!

Have you spotted an old fridge on your block, possibly painted in bright colors and surrounded by frequent visitors? You’ve probably stumbled upon your local community-generated food-sharing program, also known as a community fridge. Community fridges offer free food — from fresh produce to home-cooked meals — along with sanitary products and other health-related supplies […]


Found in Florida: A Blue Bee Thought to be Extinct!

Scientists in Florida have rediscovered an extremely rare metallic blue bee. The blue calamintha bee hadn’t been spotted in several years, leading experts to conclude it was probably extinct. Coming just before World Bee Day, an annual awareness-raising event highlighting the value of bees and other pollinators for the survival of our ecosystems, this is […]

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How About One Laptop Per Child?

One Laptop Per Child is not some gimmick or a dream-filled slogan; it’s an actual nonprofit that designs and distributes low-cost computers to some of the world’s disadvantaged kids. Developed by faculty members from the MIT Media Lab, these special XO computers host a bunch of features that meet the specific needs of their young recipients, […]





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