Soul Body Optimization® ~ Analysis & Healing


The Starting Point of Unlocking your New Life!

In the realm of wisdom that governs the spiritual laws of the universe, it is unveiled that any form of disturbance arises from a disconnection between your Human Self and Soul Self.

Introducing "Soul Body Optimization®" – Dr. Dawn Ella's groundbreaking Alternative & Integrated Therapy that transcends the boundaries of mind and matter. This transformative approach aims to defrag and harmonize your Soul, aligning it with your original Soul Body Blueprint at its core essence. Through this profound awakening, a powerful reunion unfolds, bridging your Human Self and Soul Self, ultimately leading to the emergence of your Authentic Higher Self.


Embark on a path of rejuvenation and inner harmony through the art of "energy therapy." At the core of this Integrative medicine lies the belief in an unseen "life force energy" that flows within us, breathing life into our very existence. Driven by the philosophy of holistic healing, Soul Body Optimization® embraces the entirety of the individual – encompassing the body, mind, heart, and spirit while embracing all aspects of lifestyle.

Central to the foundation of Energy Therapy is the recognition that humans are dynamic fields of energy, constantly interacting with their environment and each other. The therapy places profound significance on the therapeutic relationship shared between the five bodies of energy: Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, and Social.

Through spiritually guided life force energy techniques, Energy Therapy endeavors to re-pattern the patient's energy field, fostering an acceleration of healing in the realms of body, mind, heart, and spirit. Step into the realm of Soul Body Optimization® Healing and unleash the transformative potential of your soul's innate healing prowess.



Unleashing the Soul's Power: Unveiling the Two Steps of Soul Body Optimization®

Embark on a profound journey of healing and transformation as you explore the dynamic process of Soul Body Optimization® – a two-step alchemical endeavor that integrates the human self with the soul self on a spiritual plane.

Step One: Soul Work; Analysis & Healing

The Soul Work; Analysis & Healing is a personalized de-fragmentation that harmonizes and unifies the human self and the soul self. Employing powerful bridging techniques, Dr. Ella utilizes Soulful healing charts as spiritual tools to identify and target the fragmented pieces that obstruct the soul from its path to fulfillment. This transformative process, completed prior to your Soul Body Optimization® Review, delves deep into the soul, dissolving disconnects, and healing by alchemically transforming darkness into Light. The de-fragmentation addresses blockages, negativity, ego, old habits, patterns, and programming, as well as emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical issues.

Step Two: Soul Mentor Review

The Soul Mentorship Review is a review and discussion that celebrates the energetic transformation of fragmented pieces from darkness to Light. This review takes place via Zoom, or Face to Face, where we examine your Soul Work and craft a tailored Spiritual Plan of Action just for you. Grounded in the Spiritual Laws of the Universe, this plan empowers you with lessons and practices to incorporate into your daily life. Throughout this transformational journey, you will receive mentoring and guidance, eliminating the negative aspects of disconnects and short circuits, and creating a lasting and harmonious connection between body and soul. The Wisdom of the Universe recognizes this form of therapy as mind over matter, understanding that genuine transformation requires dedication and commitment.

Dr. Ella's profound mission in the realm of Soul Body Optimization® and alternative healing was sparked by a near-death experience, an event elaborated on in her book "The Energy Tree – The Reflection." This pivotal moment set her on a path of guiding others through the process of AwAkening, discovering the true potential within their souls through the art of Soul Body Optimization®.


Every Soul Body Optimization® request begins with a Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Dawn Ella. Please call, e-mail or book an appointment for your Complimentary Consultation today.

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