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The Soul Medic  was opened in 2014 and is one of the country’s premier services with a unique mission and process of Soulful mind over matter Alternative Therapy & Energetic Transformational Healing for Soul Optimization & Soul Mentorship. This Soulful process bridges the Human Self and Soul Self to transform you into your Authentic Higher Self.

The Soul Optimization work at The Soul Medic considers the whole person,  Specializing in reading the fragmented pieces of negative aspects, disconnects or short circuits, for the transformational healing of darkness to Light, and the prevention — energetically of different imbalances relating to — body, mind, spirit (soul), and heart — in the quest for harmonizing the Soul to your original blueprint at seed level, your Authentic Higher Self.

This AwAkening of your authenticity, results in achieving optimum health, wellness and wisdom from your Authentic Higher Self’s -Soul Blueprint. This allows for enlightening of your path with Divine knowledge, positive guidance & spiritual direction, allowing you to follow your dreams and experience the happiness & fulfillment your Authentic Higher Self seeks.

The Soul Medic Mentorship guides clients through their own unique transformation process, for AwAkening their Authentic Higher Self, bringing about the fulfillment of their dreams.

Soul Medic Mentorship work is based on the Wisdom of the Laws of Universe which explains that each of us is a soul that has incarnated for the purpose of evolution.  The soul incarnates with a Human Self that contains an ego and body because evolution requires experience.  The ego and body in the human self are the psychological (Conscious & unconscious) and physical dimensions through which the soul experiences life.  Both are necessary in the process of evolution and, yet, we are fundamentally neither ego nor body.  Though we tend to identify with these dimensions of consciousness – the psychological and the physical – we are essentially soul beings with egos and bodies.

It is the mission of The Soul Medic to AwAken each Soul, one at a time, transforming with mentoring, each client through The Wisdom of the Laws of The Universe to understand their unique Authentic Higher Self’s -Soul Blueprint, fully AwAkened & optimized.


“We’re in this together”

are not just words

"Can you imagine that your whole life you know that you are meant to do more, to be more,that your success will impact not only your life but the lives of so many others. This was me. Always on the verge of success yet there was always a missing link! Fast forward to working with Dawn. She provided me knowledge, information as well as the tools to work in areas that were blocked. She opened up the blockages!"
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