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Is Your Soul Trying to Guide You, But You Just Can’t Listen?

  • Do you ever find yourself wondering what your purpose is in life and seeking to discover your authentic, higher self? 
  • Are you curious about how your own inner truth reflects your Soul and its connection to the spiritual laws of this universe? 
  • Are there blockages in your life that you feel are holding you back, be it physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional, and do you long to transcend them? 
  • Have you ever questioned why certain people are in your life? Are near-death experiences a subject that intrigues you?

If so, you're not alone on this profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Many individuals find themselves seeking answers, longing to align with their soul's purpose and embark on a path of self-realization. It's a journey filled with wonder, introspection, and the pursuit of inner wisdom that can lead to profound transformation and a deeper connection with your authentic essence.

Therefore, If any of these questions resonate with you, then you are in for an extraordinary opportunity to optimize your Soul with the guidance of Dr. Dawn Ella, The Soul Medic. Dr. Dawn Ella is a Soul Physician specializing in complementary, integrative & alternative medicine. Her profound journey began with a near-death experience that awakened an unusual gift – an unparalleled understanding of an individual's authentic self through their Soul.

Through her remarkable abilities, Dr. Dawn Ella can tap into the energy of your Soul and ignite healing by integrating your body and Soul. By doing so, she unveils the path your Soul is destined for, offering detailed lessons and mentorship for your future.

Embrace this transformative experience with Dr. Dawn Ella as she leads you through a Soul Body Optimization Analysis & Healing, providing divine guidance that aligns you perfectly, awakens your Soul's highest potential, and enables the manifestation of your most cherished dreams. This journey marks the threshold of unlocking your new life, where profound alignment and manifestation await.

Soul Services Available


Soul Body Optimization ~ Analysis & Healing

The Wisdom of the Universe reveals that every disruption signifies a disconnection between your body and soul. Soul Body Optimization stands as a remarkable Alternative & Integrated Therapy, harnessing the force of mind over matter to defragment and harmonize your soul back to its original blueprint at the seed level. This transformative AwAkening rekindles the profound connection between your Human Self and Soul Self, uniting them in your Authentic Higher Self.

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Soul Medic Mentoring

At the heart of Soul Medic Mentoring lies the profound objective of harmonizing your Soul Life with your Outer Life. This transformative journey operates in perfect alignment with the Soul Body Optimization process. Once you've completed the exclusive Soul Body Optimization – Analysis and Healing, a personalized plan of action is meticulously crafted. The primary goal of this empowering journey is to impart consciousness and profound insights from the Wisdom of the Spiritual Laws of the Universe, accompanied by suggested practices to guide your path.


Soulful Meditation Angel Invocation

Journey into the sacred realm of The Supernal Healing Garden with our guided meditation. Discover the celestial Supernal Healing Temple, where the Divine Archangels await to bestow their loving touch upon you. Lay upon the Crystal healing bed and immerse yourself in the profound energies that cleanse and invoke Divine healing. Experience the harmonious union with the healing forces of the Universe as you release burdens and embrace the unconditional love of the Divine. This transformative journey will nurture your well-being and guide you toward spiritual harmony and profound healing. Join us on this soulful adventure and awaken your inner light.

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