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The Energy Tree - The Reflection

When a Soul passes from this life to the afterlife, it's the truest examination of the meaning of life and the meaning of our beginning.

Dawn Ella not only left this world and came back, she also experienced loosing the one she loved. Love and Death are the great hinges on which all human sympathies turn. What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others...that's beyond us.

At a time when others fear and retreat to isolation, this was her opportunity for transformation and discovery in the meaning of life itself.

Dawn Ella embraced this opportunity to direct her Soul and life towards the fulfillment, The Creator seeks for all.

Read about this life changing experience in her acclaimed book, The Energy Tree - The Reflection!


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Imagine yourself connecting to your Soul like a GPS and using your Soul's guidance system to align you on your authentic spiritual path. This enlightenment is medicine from your Soul. Learn how to successfully Upgrade your Map of Reality to Your Soul’s Blueprint TODAY!

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