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What is The Soul Medic?

The Soul Medic is an organization with a unique mission and process of Soulful mind over matter, Alternative & Integrated Therapy of Energetic Transformational Healing.

We are here to provide you with a form of Soul Optimization & Soul Mentorship which bridges the Human Self and Soul Self to transform you into your Authentic Higher Self.

What treatments does your AwAkening process cover?

The Process begins with a Soul Optimization ~ Reading & Healing

Wisdom of the Laws of the Universe explains that any form of disruption is a disconnect from your body (Human Self) and soul (Soul Self).

Dr. Dawn Ella offers a mind over matter Alternative & Integrated Therapy of Energetic Transformational Healing called “Soul Optimization” that defragments & harmonizes the Soul to your original Soul blueprint at seed level. This AwAkening reconnects your Human Self and Soul Self into your Authentic Higher Self.

What is a Soul Optimization?

Soul Optimization allows Dr. Ella to explore the depth of your Soul for you. It allows her to translate the Divine Guidance from your soul, into something you can be used practically in daily life. This integrating & harmonizing Body, Mind, Spirit (Soul) & Heart is divine alchemy assisting you in your quest for optimal health, happiness, unconditional love, abundance, spiritual gifts & fulfillment of your Authentic Higher Self. This Soul Optimization will allow you to begin to see yourself as more than what your physical eyes can see.

What is The Soul Medic Mentorship?

The Soul Medic Mentorship guides clients through their own unique transformation process, for AwAkening their Authentic Higher Self, bringing about the fulfillment of their dreams.

Soul Medic Mentorship work is based on the Wisdom of the Laws of Universe which explains that each of us is a soul that has incarnated for the purpose of evolution.  The soul bonds with a Human Self that contains an ego and body because evolution requires experience.  The ego and body in the human self are the psychological mental and physical dimensions through which the soul experiences life (Consciously & unconsciously).  Both ego and body are necessary in the process of evolution and, yet, we are fundamentally neither ego nor body.  Though we tend to identify with these dimensions of consciousness – the psychological and the physical – we are essentially soul beings with egos and bodies.

It is the mission of The Soul Medic to AwAken each Soul one at a time. Transforming each client by mentoring them through The Wisdom of the Laws of The Universe to understand their unique Authentic Higher Self’s -Soul Blueprint: a plan to become fully AwAkened & optimized

What is the intention of this energetic healing transformation?

Dr. Ella is honored to be able to share the energetic healing transformation and wisdom of Divine guidance to serve humanity, and all Light. It is her mission in life to encourage and inspire with unconditional love and high vibrational energy, for humanity to discover their Authentic Self in the pursuit of their dreams. It is her intention to use her gifts to promote and increase the vibration of humanity, empowering the highest well being of her clients, helping them to become empowered and assist in their own journey of alchemy (spiritually).

What is The Soul Medic's Cancellation & No Show Policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, we ask clients to call or text at least 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged the practitioner’s fee.  Exceptions include illness and emergencies at the practitioner’s discretion.   As a courtesy, we encourage clients to take advantage of the text reminders 48 hours in advance to prevent missing an appointment, but it is ultimately the client’s responsibility for maintaining his/her schedule of appointments.

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