The Song of the Soul

Music is a universal language. It transcends all limitations and makes its way into our hearts regardless of any barriers to how we communicate. A beautiful song has a way of placing a smile on just about anyone’s face. Music seems to be sent from a higher realm where only the Light of the Creator and His love exist. It is the energy of the angels and the energy of the Light. The Creator’s love is like a beautiful melody that can be heard and felt by the entire world. It is the beautiful song of the Divine for all to listen to, enjoy, and partake in. It plays every second, every moment, every day, seeking its way to a new ear. This week, the song of Heaven plays throughout the cosmos. The glory and beauty of the song of Heaven play for all to hear, purifying us in its great Light. We are taken to higher ground to unify with the Creator where He sings to us, calling us to unite with Him. His energy engulfs us, creating a shield of great protection. This song from above is in fact the song of our soul. This week, we hear the most beautiful song that we have ever heard. It is the song of Love and reaches the innermost part of our being.

“Music is a universal language”

Our portion and guide this week is Ha’Azinu. It is the last portion of the Bible that is read on Shabbat. Ha’Azinu means “to listen.” It is Moses’ final words to the Israelites, a poem and song from his heart expressing his and the Creator’s love. It may be the pinnacle moment of the Israelites’ journey and even of the entire Bible itself. It stirs and awakens in us our soul’s truest longings to unify and know the Creator. Moses sings the praise of His magnitude and benevolence. It is a song of love and recounts the blessings bestowed upon the Israelites. Moses, for the final time, reminds them to not stray from the path of spirituality as negativity can come their way. He reminds them of the troubles they have had to endure because of this. He repeats his warning of the trap of investing their energy in physicality and that it has no power to assist them in their times of need. Only the Creator and spirituality contain the power and protection they seek. Moses pleads to them again to remember that the Creator will always protect them from dangers and adversaries. He is the energy source behind all of life and of healing. It is Moses’ song of redemption and praise for the Light and its love for the Israelites. He asks the Israelites to take this song into their hearts and teach it to their children for it is the song of Life and the path to joy and fulfillment. At the end of the portion and when the song is complete, the Creator asks Moses to prepare for his departure from leading the Israelites and even his departure from the physical world. Ha’Azinu is the last request of Moses, but will the Israelites listen? In life, we may hear a message easily, but listening to it is another matter entirely. Moses sings his song, but will we let its beauty enter our hearts? Will we allow it to help us become new and better people for the coming year?

Physically, the portion of Ha’Azinu is quite unique as it is arranged in columns that resemble the upper and lower portions of the Star of David. The Star or Shield of David contains the energy of protection for the physical world. King David was the chariot of the physical world and he also sang to the Creator praising His love and protection. This song of Moses not only awakens a desire to connect with the Creator but also acts as a shield of protection for our coming year. It is a surrounding Light that sings to us throughout the year to guide us and help us stay on the path of love and spirituality. It is a song that plays across the universe this week for all to hear, but how many will listen to it? How many will allow its message of love to reach their hearts? Its energy reverberates and echoes throughout the Universe like the great song of Moses. But it is always a matter of who will choose to listen to it and connect to its energy. Who will choose to let the Creator into their hearts? Who will choose to open their hearts and emanate the love we were born to give and that the world so desperately needs? As we seal the gates to the coming year, we ask our souls to not only hear the song of the Creator but to finally listen to it.

“The song of Heaven plays throughout the cosmos”

This week in your meditations, bring with you your favorite music. Go to a private place where it can be played. Give yourself the time to enjoy the music and allow it to raise your current mood. Allow it to uplift your consciousness. Feel the joy that builds as you listen to the most beautiful melody. It engulfs your entire being and fills your senses. The music awakens your spirit. The love in your heart builds in your chest chakra. Through the notes and melody, you feel the call to love and know the Creator. Your spirit rejoices in the sound and you become awakened to live life like never before. You are inspired to the path of spirituality. You desire to connect to love and joy in the coming year. You long to walk with the Creator and all of His ways knowing that a positive consciousness creates a positive life. You have heard this beautiful song of the Creator many times before, but this is the year you decide to finally listen.

Thank you Karen Berg. Article previously published in 2018

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