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How Many Types of Empaths Are There? Here Are Our Favorite 14

When you think of empaths, you’re probably thinking of those with a supercharged sense of empathy: sensitivity to the feelings and emotions of others. Empaths, so it’s said, go one step beyond simply understanding those emotions – they actually feel stuff as if it’s happening to them. What does science have to say about empaths? […]

Happy asian child girl wearing raincoat having fun to play with the rain in the sunlight

Going Beyond the Realm of Time by Opening Up Pipelines of Light

I came across some teachings for the week of Vayetze, some of which I’ve seen before, that are really the type of teachings that make one’s soul happy. And I think if we can connect to these teachings, they are not only very joyful, but can also give us new insight into how to live […]

Endeavor RX

EndeavorRX is the first prescription video game approved by the FDA for kids with ADHD

Game developer Akili Interactive’s EndeavorRX is the first video game to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a prescriptive medicine for kids with ADHD in the United States (via The Verge). Formerly known as ProjectEVO, EndeavorRX can now be suggested to kids between the age of 8-12 years who are suffering […]

Aerial silk artist performing movements on ropes hanging from trees on a sunny day in Tivoli park, Ljubljana.

3 Sisters of Totality

These three women are high in the air, playful and free, yet alert and interdependent. In an acrobatic act, nobody can afford to be a little bit “absent” even for a split second. And it is this quality of total attentiveness to the moment at hand that is represented here.  We may feel there are […]


UPDATE- Full Moon In Capricorn And The Cancer Solstice

On June 24th, 2021 we have a Full Moon in Capricorn. This is a beautiful Full Moon that will give us a renewed sense of faith and optimism. Faith and optimism and a Full Moon in… Capricorn? If you pay attention to the Lunar cycles you may have noticed that the previous Full Moons in […]




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