42 Signs of Spiritual Alignment with Your Soul Path

The awakening process, is a process of moving into Spiritual alignment.  This alignment – is really a union of yourself in physical form (Body Self), with yourself in Spirit form (Soul Self), joined on your life path, to accomplish what you came here to do.

This alignment is you moving with the flow of your life, rather than resisting against it. Many times, when we are experiencing pains or hardships, it is due to resistance against that which we know must be done, or which we know must happen. Perhaps you know you have to move away from somewhere where you have always been, to somewhere else where you know you will be more complete – but you don’t know why. You simply know you must. Then when you look for opportunities in that area – jobs, houses, finances, they flow easily to you – but when you look for opportunities in the area you have always been (your comfort zone), it’s a total dead end!

The difference here is moving forward with the flow of your Soul Self, and moving upstream, rather than attempting to back peddle against it. Moving forward is, at first, frightening, scary, and a little exhilarating, like taking your hands off the bars on a roller coaster. You know, in your heart, you’re safe no matter what and the coaster is moving forward whether you push back or not.

So, why not take the harrowing grip off the safety bar, open your eyes, and see the beautiful things coming in your direction?

Move with the coaster of your Soul Self– and enjoy where it takes you – let go of wishing that you had been safe had you just stayed in the station. It’s too late, you’ve left the station and you’ll get back eventually, but for now, align yourself with the movement you’re already in.

So, you’ve let go of your death grip, said goodbye the coaster station, and started enjoying where your ride may take you – you’re aligned – you know you’re on the path and you’re open to all the hills, valleys, and caves you may travel through. It comes effortlessly because you’re not trying to struggle to stop the train that’s already in moving in momentum.

What are some signs you’re aligned and aligning with your Soul Self? That you’ve let go of resistance? That you’re simply, allowing?

42 Signs Of Spiritual Alignment

1. Daydreaming a lot more often than you used to

2. Feelings of optimism about the way the world is right now and what it could be

3. Wanting to sit outside more, just to ‘be’

4. An urge to cloud or star gaze

5. A need to go on more ‘adventures’ and seeing more things as an adventure

6. Spending more time with animals and in nature

7. Feeling gratitude for things that are ‘average’, such as heat or vehicles or running water

8. Needing and desiring to point out every day beauty to others – such as the passing overhead of birds

9. Attracting people to you that are kind, caring, insightful, and genuine

10. Finding yourself receiving more things as gifts, that you would otherwise pay for

11. People beginning to suggest to you books to read, tapes to listen to, or classes to go to

12. You then magically have the money to attend one of those classes, or obtain one of those books

13. You are being offered more opportunities for things

14. You find suitable housing or a living situation more easily and with less struggle

15. You are having urges to go do something you must do – and when you follow through – it turns out better than you expected!

16. You are finding the courage to say things, being urged to say things you otherwise would keep to yourself

17. You are walking straighter, and when you sit, you are repositioning yourself to sit taller

18. You are seeking out activities that are nurturing to you – such as yoga, baths, massage, and body healing modalities

19. You are finding that your complexion is clearing up, you are ‘glowing’ more

20. You are eating more healthful foods – perhaps having an interest in juicing or incorporating more whole foods into your diet

21. You need to drink WAY more water than you ever used to – you are always thirsty now!

22. You feel called to eat organically, humanely, and holistically

23. You find yourself getting money for things right when you need it

24. You are beginning to have great ideas come to you – for yourself and for other people

25. You are noticing repeating numbers more, repeating messages, or repeating symbols are appearing to you

26. You are having vivid dreams or images appear in meditation

27. You’ve begun to hear a noise in your ear – a humming, a ringing, or a silence, like your ears are popping

28. You’ve started to see things out of the corners of your eyes in your peripheral vision

29. You’re losing interest in any work that doesn’t feel fulfilling and you start to spend more time pursuing what you’re passionate about

30. You feel a strong need and calling to write a book, start a blog, or just begin writing, in general

31. You’re starting to feel like you know what your Soul’s purpose is or if you don’t, you want to find out

32. People are asking you for your opinion, thoughts, or advice on things

33. When you give that advice, it flows out of your mouth, effortlessly, as though someone was feeding you perfect lines from a script

34. You’re feeling a lot more joy and happiness “for no reason” more often now

35. People are asking you what you’re smiling about, and you’re smiling at others more now

36. People have started commenting on how beautiful you are, how beautiful your Light is, or how beautiful your smile is

37. You have begun to feel and know you’re more than just your physical body

38. You’ve been feeling less afraid of death and dying

39. You’re wondering more now about what happens when we transition out of physical body

40. You’ve been presented with opportunities to discuss what you’ve been wondering about more and more – by the most unsuspecting people!

41. You have a need to relax more, contemplate, and just ‘be’ more than before

42. A distaste for busy-ness, just for the sake of being busy –being drawn to a slowness of pace

Allow your heart to guide you where to go next.

See you out there!

Thank you, Amanda Linette Mender.

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