Reclaiming Your Spirit: An Alternative Perspective on Parasites

Ever feel like there’s an unwanted part of you that is making decisions that is against your better self? A part that makes choices based from fear rather than from your own spiritual, and cerebral intellect?

Ever feel like it’s just NOT YOU who is in control of YOU? Through my developed awareness practice, understanding of consciousness (and unconsciousness), and wisdom of working with the body’s bacterial landscape, I discovered a phenomenon that I was fortunate enough to experience.

tcmI have always understood the value of a person’s consciousness or Spirit (as defined in Traditional Chinese Medicine as that which expresses the life of an organism) in being a key element to a person’s health. The Spirit guides us, animates us, enkindles us, and gives us true satisfaction and passion in life. It is what is worth living for.

I have noticed within clients and individuals who have weak Spirits that something takes over them, not just behaviour, but physically as well. It’s as if the person begins ‘breaking down’ much like a plant does when taken out of sunlight. Self-destructive behavior within a person seems to manifest physical self-destructive organisms such as parasites.

I refer to parasites as any unwelcome organism that feeds on us, which includes Candida – a modern day epidemic which is increasingly gaining awareness and importance. I have found that improving one’s Spirit greatly decreases parasites, akin to killing mold by exposing it to sunshine.

When the Spirit is strong, there is no opportunity for parasites to thrive, self-honouring behaviour is apparent and no self-destructive habits, or organisms exist. Very simply, there is no struggle within, and joy, harmony, and ease can all be experienced.

Downward Spiral

Leading up to last Christmas, I felt the brightness of my Spirit wane, bad habits escalate, fear and worry develop, more sweets in my mouth, and consequently, the tell tale signs of parasitic infection: itchiness, cloudiness, feeling down, congestion, and sluggishness (very seriously, I see MANY people suffer from these ‘normal’, every day symptoms).

not feeling wellI had quite an infection while living in Japan several years ago, and couldn’t help but wonder if I just hadn’t fully shaken it yet, and if it just comes out when my Spirit is low. I struggled to get rid of it with a restrictive diet, strong medicinal herbs, and even clearing the energy of my house by burning some dried sage I saved from my garden.

Frustrated with minimal progress and the strong resistance of some other behaviour at work, I was blessed with Divine timing when I met an incredible healer in the first week of January. She’s earned a PhD in esoteric medicine, is a Doctor of Acupuncture and adept Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, and the area’s finest past-life worker and energy healer. In one visit, the health of my being took a complete 180.

Without her knowing of my possible lingering parasites from Japan, she immediately told me that I had lingering entities from Japan that I had attracted and not shaken off. Being a ‘bright light’ spiritually meant an attraction from other non-physical entities that have simply been hanging around with me for years. I was astonished, but it made sense. She dismissed them and told them to go away – I felt it.

She also did a treatment on me to bring back my full Spirit. I felt that, very shockingly. I just simply came back – all my power and ‘being’ finally came back to me. Incredibly, from that day forward, I have not dealt with any parasite symptoms. They’re simply gone. My behaviour is clear, fear has diminished, I feel in control, present, strong and alive. Like the classic Greek definition of ‘parasite’, there is NO longer ‘someone else eating at my table’.

True Collective Consciousness

Knowing that any organism can posses a consciousness, and that we have 10 times more bacterial cells than human tissue cells, I realized that we are the collective consciousness of all these combined consciousnesses within us. If the hosts within us are against us (in the case of a parasite) then the entities/consciousnesses they host could very well be against us too.

honor yourselfThis is probable, and felt this in my life before my work with this incredible healer. As though ‘it wasn’t me’ making decisions and feeling unnecessary worry that couldn’t be explained. A simple example is knowing that the parasite in me was choosing to eat sweets that I otherwise would not.

I consulted my mentor Paul Pitchford, author of Healing With Whole Foods,and his words gave me reassurance and greater perspective of the phenomenon:

Parasites in the ancient times were called “demons”… they work in tandem with each other and when you get thousands of one species in your body, then their pooled consciousness actually becomes quite potent and acts like a rather evolved entity.

When your spirit is strong, then your consciousness is strong and it isn’t as easily influenced by demonic influences. But when you’re weak, then the bad influences can ruin your life. Always keep the spirit strong and always nurture the yin [the physical health of your own organism].

Amazing. Since parasites and candida are a modern epidemic, wouldn’t it be incredible if the antidote to all this suffering (of the physical symptoms, but also the fear and destructive habits/behaviour that the modern person is plagued with) was simply to acknowledge and strengthen the Spirit within ourselves by letting our true selves shine? I have seen this at work in my practice, but hadn’t known the true depth behind it.

To follow the Spirit is a great task however, and a whole other topic, but the take-away message on that lesson from my own recent experience is to simply honour yourself, consequently surrendering the ego to the will of the Spirit that resides within us.

From a physical perspective – abstaining from sweet/sugary foods prohibits the growth of unwanted organisms, and there are many protocols to destroy and prevent them. But considering the recent explorations in parasite/consciousness connections, this all needs to be taken into account with the health of the Spirit.

The take-away message is to simply honour yourself.

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Thank You Living Holistically

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