Super Full Moon For 2017 — Get Ready For A Powerful Energy Shift!

December is a big month with many shifts in it. But all these changes will be showering us with a new energy and new outlook for the year that follows.

The last Full Moon in this year falls on the same day when Mercury turns retrograde.

This Moon is also a Supermoon, meaning,
the energy will be amplified.

Even though the Full Moon of December is powerful Super Moon, the presence Mercury’s retrograde will hold the energy back and slow down its delivery. During this period of the year, we may feel like we are taking two steps forward and one step backward. Also, we may feel a bit stuck or stagnant.

However, it is vital to honor this energy. If there are some things which you need to hear or even some secrets to be revealed, this Full Moon will help you do that.

The Super Full Moon which follows is all about illuminating the truth, especially when it comes to how we communicate, and our motives and intentions as well. If you or someone that you know has been holding back the truth Full Moon may force the things to show up on the surface.

Be patient. Allow things to unfold. Whatever truths serve your highest good are going to come to light. Be open because the truth can set you free.

You may find this energy playing out the most when it comes to your relationships. Anything from romantic ones, but also those that you have with your coworkers, friends, and family.

If there is a truth which needs to come to the surface, this Super Full Moon will be the trigger.

With Mercury being retrograde, it will be critical for you to think before you speak. If you speak from a correct place, you will have nothing to worry. But if you talk from a pace of ego or defensiveness, things may become trickier to work through.

You just need to trust whatever unfolds. If new information appears on the surface, it will be only for your good.

There is a lot of positive energy surrounding this Super Full Moon. The energy will help us reach our highest potential of the seed of Our Soul.

This year has carried the theme of new beginnings. This Super Full Moon is the endpoint to that kind of energy.

The process which is between the new and the old has been challenging and may have resulted in considerable changes in life, but this energy will fade slowly.

Use the energy of this Full Moon as an opportunity to celebrate just how far you have come.

Congratulate yourself for these new beginnings.

It may not have been what you wanted or expected. But try to find that gratitude and trust the bigger picture and the process.

Everything which was sent to your way is actually a lesson; relating to three areas: test, ability to grow, or cleansing. And even though it can sometimes feel unfair or painful, remember that we are on a temporary journey through earth school, awakening the highest potential of the seed of our Soul.

Our lives are also just one passing moment in time. We are here to learn every day, to grow and live the best we can, being present in the moment.

Use the energy of the Super Full Moon to celebrate yourself. Celebrate your life.

This Super Full Moon is actually all about connecting with the truth. It’s also the truth of who you really are. We are timeless, spaceless, who live inside a temporary vessel. We are on a journey of learning how to love ourselves and Love One Another more as well. Welcome Home Soul Family!

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