Manifesting Everyday Miracles

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. ~ Marcus Aurelius

A miracle isn’t a host of angels appearing with flashing neon signs signaling your next ginormous spiritual expansion.  Not that it can’t be I suppose.

The change in how we see an event, a person, ourselves or our world is our real miracle.

How about taking the time to recognize those every day, ordinary miracles that occur in your world, that might actually be the signal of your spiritual expansion, or that you now view your world and your life with a little more love.

If we can just begin to see a relationship through different eyes, or the experience we just had that didn’t feel so good, in a different light, we could have new thoughts and experience new feelings about it.  A miracle has occurred.

Looking at life through the eyes of love can be hard.  And yet it’s the core of who you really are.  You are a spiritual being, totally and absolutely.

Change Can Be Hard.

What happens?  Stuff shows up.  Some stuff that appears to be beneficial and sometimes stuff occurs that knocks the wind out of our sails and leaves us reeling, wondering where in the heck it came from.

I can tell you where it comes from.  From us.  It’s a reflection of our vibration of feeling and in my case affirming and feeling every day that “I am better and better every day in every way” means that the things where I would like to be better show up, maybe courtesy of someone else, maybe an event occurred, and maybe just an aha, showing me those places where I’m miles away from being better and better.

And the same is true in your world.  Your consciousness of being is revealed to you daily through the events and experiences you have.

None of it is intended to hurt us.  Just to reveal who we’re being.  To get us to look for those everyday ordinary miracles, giving us the chance to change our perspective.

Perception Is Everything.

There’s a children’s book in  ‘A Little Zen for Little Ones’ series and it’s called ‘Maybe’.  It’s based on the old Zen tale about the farmer and it relates perfectly to our consciousness and how it’s at work in our life, in our world.

D.B. Rhoomes – in his review of the book series says it sooo much better than I could:

“This book series embraces several Zen concepts of living, in which the author hopes to inspire his readers to ‘consider life in a different perspective’. Important life values are highlighted in each story, such as enjoy each moment of your life, do something nice without expecting a reward, let go of bad experiences, dwell on the positive and not the negative. These books, intended for little ones ages 5 to 8, put into perspective long lasting and impressionable life lessons that even adults still struggle with today. Make a note to collect these books for your kids’ must-read collection.”

AND they really are great for grown up kids too.  Because we all know we have our moments, the times when our inner kid shows up and behaves in a way that’s less than pretty.


Seeing something with more love,  the way you view your body,  the way you think about yourself, the way you see someone in your world, the way you accept lack and limitation.  Just a little love can bring huge changes.

Seize The Opportunity

Crisis mode can give us a wonderful chance to start something new.  Everything is in flux, always.  Nothing is constant.  The law of constant change tells us that everything is always in the process of becoming something new.

Which means our lives are filled with opportunities to look upon every experience and every condition in our life with new eyes. Choose a new vision, a new path to walk.

Forgive Yourself And Others

It’s a bit hard to see miracles when we’re awash in thoughts of punishment…for ourselves or others.  So you screwed up royally.  Or someone behaved in a way that felt like a punch in the gut.  Give it up.  We might not always act in the most perfect way…but perfection lies at the core of our being.  It’s who we truly are…beings of love and perfection.

Getting into alignment with the truth of you allows everyday miracles to pop up in your world.

Our thoughts and feelings are what lead to our actions and results and as we become more aware of this we give up the powerlessness that lies behind our need to blame or feel shame or guilt.

Reclaiming our power allows us to let go and move on and to ask how would I think and feel about this situation if I just brought a little love to it?

What would LOVE do?

What about you?

Are you ready to take a look at your life and see where you can change your perspective? Are you willing to share how looking through the eyes of love has or could bring that miracle right into your world. Contact Dr. Dawn Ella today for a Free Consultation to start your Soul’s Journey.

Thank you, Elle Sommer

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