Spiritual Vibrations and Aura

Everything in this world, both visible and invisible, constantly vibrates. All particles of matter, from the tiniest atom to the mightiest planet, are in a state of vibration. The atoms of the human body are in constant vibration. Different rates of vibration balanced in the cosmic rhythm produce, before us the magnanimous world. Matter is being acted upon by energy and innumerable forms are produced. Forms break down incessantly and new forms come into being. There is nothing in absolute rest in nature. The air is ever vibrating, rivers are ever flowing, the earth is constantly revolving and stars are ever moving. Forms come and go but the reality that lies behind these forms is unchangeable.

Rhythm of vibration

The whole universe is full of molecular vibrations. Any word or mantra uttered silently or forcibly produces molecular waves, gross, subtle, or more subtle. These waves spread throughout the universe. Every thought, every word and every physical action produces a molecular vibration in the atmosphere which affects every object. Any evil thought, word or action immediately creates a bad vibration in the atmosphere and does harm. Conversely any good thought, word or action immediately produces a good vibration and does good to many.

For there to be peace, there must be rhythm, harmony or concord in vibration. Then there is order. You will observe a definite rhythm in all vibrations in the working of this human machine. There is rhythm in the systolic and diastolic movements of the heart during contraction and dilation, so the circulation of blood through the body is good. There is rhythm in the vibration or the movement of the lungs, thus man is hale and hearty. If there is a disturbance of the rhythm in the motion of either the heart or the lungs, then one gets incurable diseases of the heart and the lungs, and passes away soon.

There is rhythm in every movement in this universe. The ebb tide and the flood tide in the sea, the movements of the stars and the planets in the firmament, days and nights, seasons and monsoons – all follow definite rhythmic laws. The elements differ, not in substance, but only in the rate of vibrations. The substance in ice, water, steam and vapour is the same. Each contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, but the rate of vibration differs in ice, water and steam.

Everything has a different rate of vibration. Various sorts of waves are passing about in this universe. Some waves oppose each other and bring about discord, disharmony and rupture. Some other waves move harmoniously side by side. Then there is peace and harmony.

The Five Soul Bodies (Also Known as: 5 Koshas)

The five Soul Bodies, or 5 sheaths of the human body should all vibrate harmoniously. Only then will you have good health and a sound mind. These 5 Soul Bodies are:

  • Physical Soul Body (annamaya, the food sheath)
  • Spiritual Soul Body (pranamaya, the vital sheath)
  • Mental Soul Body (manomaya, the mental sheath)
  • Social Soul Body (vijnanamaya, the intellectual sheath) and
  • Emotional Soul Body (anandamaya, the blissful sheath)


Disease is nothing but disharmony in the vibrations of these Soul Bodies that are within the human body. Asanas, pranayama, recitation of the names of the Lord, singing hymns and prayer, and the study of philosophical books will produce harmonious vibrations in the physical, vital, mental, intellectual and blissful sheaths respectively.

A yogi practices rhythmic breathing to absorb prana and develop will. Through this practice, his whole system vibrates harmoniously and there is perfect harmony in the vibrations of his mind. Through rhythmic breathing he transmits an increased current of prana to any part of the body, stimulating and invigorating it. He renovates and vivifies the whole system and heals any diseased part by supplying an increased quantity of prana. He transmits powerful thoughts to others to heal them of their disease and attracts countless persons like a powerful magnet. He becomes a mighty centre of spiritual force.

Man draws his prana from the air he breathes, from the food he eats, and from the beverage he drinks. You can imbibe the energy from the solar energy also, if you know the yogic technique. Deficiency of prana induces weakness, low vitality, languor and inertia. A sufficient supply of prana makes a person nimble, active and energetic. He has full life in every limb. He jumps and dances in joy.

aura-secrets-headerThe Auric Fields

The aura is an emanation or radiation of life force from the five Soul bodies or koshas. The aura can be seen only by the yogi who has inner yogic sight or clairvoyant vision. Each sheath radiates its own particular aura with a particular rate of vibration.

The auras of the different sheaths interpenetrate each other. The aura that emanates from the physical body is gross. This is known as the ‘health aura’. Its colour is faintly brilliant violet-grey or a bluish-white mist. It is almost colourless. It is ovoid in shape. It extends from the body to a distance of two or three feet. The health aura is striated by countless fine lines which project from the body evenly like stiff bristles. In perfect health these lines are separate and parallel, whereas in poor health or a diseased condition they droop down like the soft hair of an animal or the stems of faded flowers. The lines lie about in all directions in a state of confusion. When a sick person recovers from an illness, the radiation of the magnetic form of vital energy slowly begins and the lines of the health aura are brought back into order. They again become straight and parallel.

Just as blood flows along arteries and veins, so also the vital force flows along the nerves in a constant stream. This vital force is poured upon us from the sun, which is the source of life. He who has abundant vital force is a healthy man. He radiates an abundant health aura and brings joy, strength, health and vitality to countless persons with whom he comes in contact. As the vital force constantly radiates from his body in all directions, he becomes a centre of energy.

A mesmeriser actually transmits his vital force through magnetic ‘passes’ to the subject. It is through the help of this vital force that he practices various sorts of healing. He who is endowed with an abundant health aura and vital force cannot succumb easily to any disease. Even if he does fall ill, he will convalesce very easily in a short time on account of his high standard of health and vitality.

On the other hand, a weak man who is deficient in vital force or prana absorbs the vitality or prana of a strong man with whom he happens to come in contact. If you feel weak, uncomfortable and weary after an interview with any weak person, remember that the weak man has depleted your energy to some extent. He has acted the part of a vampire. You might have all experienced this in your daily life.

2454b87b4d575d0cf3071e7186998d8eColors of the aura

The spiritual aura is yellow and can be seen around the heads of saints, sages, rishis, prophets, and yogins. The yellow glow is intensified when the intellectual faculties are put to an unusual strain. The face of a saint will present a glowing appearance, which is the nimbus or glory of a saint, shown in pictures of spiritual leaders as a halo. The magnetic spiritual aura of Lord Buddha extended to a distance of three miles all around. Those who came within the compass of three miles were subdued and became his disciples. The magnetic divine aura of Yogi Kaka Bhusunda radiated to a distance of eight miles! The spiritual aura of even a first-class aspirant radiates to a distance of 400 yards. You can also develop this spiritual aura by regular and continued practice of meditation with zeal and persistence.

The human aura has different colos in different people according to their growth and development physically, mentally, morally and spiritually, and each color has its own meaning and significance. The meanings of some of these colors are given below:

  • Scarlet represents anger.
  • Crimson represents love.
  • Rose represents love.
  • Black denotes hatred and malice.
  • Red on a black background indicates anger.
  • Red on a green background shows jealousy.
  • Red independent of a background denotes ‘righteous indignation’.
  • Lurid sanguinary red indicates sensuality.
  • Grey represents selfishness when the color is bright.
  • Grey represents fear when its shade is like a dead body.
  • Green denotes jealousy when the color is dirty.
  • Red flashes on a green background signifies anger mingled with jealousy.
  • Slimy green signifies deceit and cunning.
  • Green when bright indicates tolerance, tact, adaptability, politeness and intelligence.
  • Orange when bright denotes pride and ambition.
  • Yellow denotes intellectualism. When the intellect runs into low channels, the yellow is deep and dull, but if directed towards higher things, it becomes brilliantly golden or primrose yellow.
  • Blue when dark and clear denotes religious feeling. When the blue amounts to a rich violet, it represents highest religious thought and feeling.
  • Blue when light and luminous represents spirituality.
  • White when pure and effulgent represents the Spirit or Brahman or God.



Learn to Harmonize the Vibrational Field

You must know how to harmonize your physical and mental vibrations with the external. Only then can you be really happy. If you can place yourself in tune with the vibrations of other people, you can really understand them. If you have an immense liking for another person, it means your vibrations are in tune with theirs. People of similar vibrations are united by friendship.

If the vibrations of one individual strike against those of another, they cannot be united. Hatred, prejudice, dislike and jealousy will result. Some vibrations can be felt or detected by ordinary physical and sensory means. When you shake hands with another person, a distinct vibration can be felt passing from one hand to the other. A man who is both blind and deaf can easily know one individual from another because no two persons have the same vibrations. A note on the violin, if sounded repeatedly in rhythm, will generate vibrations which will in time destroy a bridge. The vibrations caused by the rhythmic movements of soldiers marching on a bridge will cause the bridge to collapse.

If you have a pure mind, if you are free from prejudice, intolerance, dislike, hatred and greed, if you possess love, sympathy, mercy and an unbiased neutral state of consciousness, you will be able to find out at once what sort of vibrations people around you radiate. You will develop a new spiritual sense or yogic faculty.

If you are not powerful enough to protect yourself, vicious thoughts of others will affect you when you live with them in the same room. Create a protective magnetic aura around yourself. It is quite possible by an effort of the will to put a check to the radiation of vitality from one’s body by building a shell around the body. This will prevent the entry of disease-causing germs into the body. The body will also be impervious to any kind of astral elemental influence from without. You may render yourself immune from any form of vampirism. There will not be any leakage of life force from your body. The depressing influence of the base thoughts of low-minded people will be obviated.

This is the way to develop a protecting auric shell:

  • Sit at ease.
  • Retain the breath for a half or one minute. Repeat Aum mentally, while you retain the breath.
  • Imagine that you are surrounded by a shell of thought-aura to a distance of two or three feet from the body on all sides. Form a clear mental image of this.
  • Repeat this process 10 to 15 times.


Surround yourself with harmonious vibrations within and without. Regular meditation will help you in attaining this end. Carry with you wherever you may go, vibrations of power, strength, joy, bliss, peace, kindness, love, mercy and sympathy.

Absorb all good vibrations. Be in tune with the vibrations of the living liberated sages. They will all back you up. May the vibrations of peace and joy flow through your eyes, face, tongue, hands, feet and skin! May whoever comes in contact with you feel this! May the Eternal, Immortal Spirit guide you in your attainment of Self-realization by developing harmonious vibrations!

Aum Peace! Peace! Peace!

Thank you, Yoga Magazine.


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