How to Clear Your Mind and Soul of Negativity

Many people have been through a lot in their lifetime. Negative seeds have been sown into their hearts and as they grow up these negative seeds begin to grow and get stronger and more difficult to get rid of. Its almost like planting an Oak tree seed, and leaving it to grow: it will grow and become big and strong, and the roots go so deep into the ground it is almost impossible to uproot. If you follow these simple steps you can easily clear your mind and soul from negativity but you have to do it with an open heart, open mind and a spirit filled with hope.


Find faith in yourself. It is a good idea to get to know yourself above all. Go within, pay attention to what goes on in your inner dialog of your mind. Can you see your life  as a reflection of a situation to learn from? This is a time to understand, rather than be understood.

JUST LET IT GO! People have the right to happiness (of course, that also includes you!), release that which no longer serves the highest interest of your Soul.

3. Let your Soul influence you along the path you should walk along.

4. Start to think more positively, and feed your mind and Soul with positive words, positive people and positive things. But don’t bury the negative thoughts in your heart where they mature into hatred and contempt. Share how you feel, with someone you trust.

If you feel weak or angry, go for walks at sunrise/sunset and breathe in the fresh air.

Take 5 minutes out of everyday to just lie down and reflect.

Try more physical/spiritual methods to calm down, such as meditation, yoga, pilates, etc.

Before you start working on your goals, read positive affirmations or listen to your favorite music. Do something to get your brain into a good, happy, positive mind set.

  1. Tips

    • Concentrate your mind to think positive thoughts.
    • Remember that even an unpleasant event can lead to a great lesson learned, which in turn, turns that negative into a POSITIVE!
    • If you find yourself getting into a bad mood, stop for a second to catch an emotional breath of fresh air. Turn on your mental cogs and think of the situation objectively. Is this situation really worth your time and space?
    • Laughter is best medicine So laugh at yourself and your bad experiences.

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