Are You a Bridge Between Two Worlds?

Many of us, who feel we have awoken, currently find ourselves straddling two worlds. One is the old world, the one we all grew up in. This reality was imposed on us from the top down. In this version we are taught that life is harsh, there is much to fear. It is vital that we trust authority and for our own safety, accept being governed (aka controlled) by external influences. Immersed in this old paradigm we indeed look out and see so much that reinforces its dismal, restrictive perspective. This is a dog-eat-dog world in which me must struggle and fight to get, and hold onto, our piece of the pie.

Are-You-Living-Between-Two-Worlds-fbIn contrast, the new reality that many of us feel lapping at the edges of our internal horizon, is based on love, authenticity, and personal sovereignty. Those who have chosen to pay attention and listen to the whispers that blow gently on the winds of this inner landscape, discover the wisdom of our hearts and a truth that, unlike our increasingly synthetic external reality, feels right and good. When we ground ourselves in this new world we find our lives are no longer dictated by fear, instead we are propelled by a yearning for connection, authenticity, compassion and harmony.

These are the realities of the old and new paradigms that currently co-exist on Earth. At this time, no matter how hard we work to nurture our relationship to the ‘new’ world, the fact remains that the old world is still here. In fact if we pay attention to the theatrics disseminated by the mainstream media it would seem that everything is business as usual. Many of us likely also have family and friends who ridicule the romantic, idealist perspective we espouse, and attempt to convince us that we are naive to believe in the fanciful notion of a world based on love. As we look out and witness our rights being eroded, the wide spread destruction, the extensive suffering, and the obvious corruption, it is hard not to feel the pull of the old world as it attempts to reassert its control over our beliefs and drag us back into the sway of its stifling, rigid fold.

And yet, when we take the time to focus on the truth of our hearts we recognize the external droning for what it is: a shallow, crumbling illusion that we have outgrown. This is the vacillating, sometimes confusing, and undoubtedly challenging life of being ‘a bridge’ between two worlds.

If you identify with what is written here you are likely a bridge: a person who has awoken here in this time and place in order to assist in the process of shifting out of the old world paradigm and ushering in a fresh new one. When we are able to so clearly see the incredible spark of potential that exists for humanity it can inevitably feel frustrating to also see how fiercely the stubborn, unyielding, oppressive old paradigm clings to its position of authority. Some days we may wish that we had never woken up so that we didn’t have to face the awkwardness and discomfort that comes with awareness. However, those of us who find ourselves straddling two worlds are in the blessed position of being able to serve humanity by participating in, and facilitating a profound and exciting process of transformation. Fortunately, while we can’t simply wish away the old world, there are steps we can take to make the transition smoother.

Be conscious of your energy and how you direct it

We each have an energy signature, the energy that flows out from within. While this energy has an essence that is unique and distinctly us, it is not stagnant and can change in pitch and vibration depending on how it is influenced. When we feel grounded in a heart-based world view we feel expanded, optimistic and powerful, and our energy reflects this and transmits this frequency out into the wider world, adding to the power and shine of the new. However, if we focus too much on the negative and allow ourselves to slip into the sway of the old, our energy contracts and we feel helpless and fearful. This of course feeds and fuels the very paradigm that we want to leave behind. So while it can be useful to understand the dynamics and mechanisms of the old, and it is inevitable to be affected to some extent, it is important to recognize when it is time to shift our focus away from the upsetting and distressing, to that which is uplifting and inspiring in order to re-centre and recharge.

Trust the process

Learning to be guided by internal rather than external cues can be extremely challenging. Most of us have internalized mountains of distorted beliefs and the process of healing and realigning our inner worlds is by no means a walk in the park. Personally I have found that my healing journey seems to have a life of its own, as though it is orchestrated by a wiser more enlightened version of myself. When I try to control and dictate what I experience I find myself battling and struggling. However, when I trust the process and am patient and open to allowing it to organically unfold without judgement, it becomes a much gentler experience. When energies with roots in repressed old wounds surface it is undoubtedly uncomfortable to acknowledge, integrate and/or release them. However, I have found that the more I embrace them the more quickly they move through me, reducing the amount of old baggage I carry, and leaving me feeling lighter, more solid and ultimately more vibrant.

Be radically you

two worldsWe are no longer on the king’s highway. In the new paradigm there is no right way or wrong way, we are each responsible for finding our own path to navigate through life. The most important thing we can do to facilitate this transition is to be completely and unapologetically ourselves. We each carry a vital piece of the whole within. In the old world we were taught to hide our uniqueness and strive to fit into an externally dictated ideal mould. In the new paradigm our uniqueness is precious and should be celebrated. We each see the world from our own very personal reference point and the more we share our vision, the richer and more vibrant the whole becomes. So please let’s explore our vast inner worlds so that we may uncover and share the exquisite treasures we all carry within.

Connect with like-minded people

Because frequency affects and is affected by the energy it is immersed in, it is much easier to hold a positive vibe when we are surrounded by other optimistic, empowering people Sometimes we need to let go of old relationships that drag us down, in order to make way for new, supportive, more heart aligned relationships. As more and more connections are formed between like-minded people who consciously choose to step away from the competitive, egocentric paradigm in which we were indoctrinated, into new more collective, loving ways of being, pockets of new energy are forming, spreading, strengthening and becoming more visible, and the new world gradually becomes more prominent in our reality.

Thank you, Christina Lavers

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