The Unity of Opposites

Two eyes to share the one vision.

Two feet to walk the one path.

Two hands to hold the one object.

Two ears to hear the one sound.

Two nostrils to breathe the one breath.

Two legs to support the one body.

Two lips to speak the one word.

And the One Mind to direct them all.

This is the bond and beauty of Oneness.

This is Love.

-Will Nesbitt

The human body is a brilliant example of the unity of opposites in action. The above-mentioned members of the body are but a few examples of two seemingly opposable parts working together for the sake of the One whole. Each does its part to complement the other for the sake of the entire body. You don’t have two left feet or two left hands or two upper lips. What purpose would that serve (other than pure comedy)? None. Each part was designed/destined/meant to co-operate and work together with another of its kind and are therefore inseparable.  They are opposites, yet they are one.

We’ve all heard that opposites attract. But do they really attract or it is that the opposites are simply two parts of the one whole? They are not separate. In essence, nothing really is. For example, there is no distinct point where heat ends and cold begins. They are simply different degrees of the same air or different experiences of those degrees.

It is the same with the male and female. Two different expressions of the One Life. Seeming opposites designed to work together to express the one purpose. This is what Love is…Unity…Oneness. The glue of the binding principle of Being in All things.

Love is Unity. It is a state of being that is inclusive of All things…because it is All things. Love unfolds from one common purpose into action. The opposites (the two from the one) extend from the Universal state of being and co-operate in order to express or accomplish and facilitate the completion of the one purpose. It is the cooperation of the earth, sunlight, rain, and the seed working together for the tree’s growth. It is the Oneness of All things. Realization and awareness of the Oneness causes loving actions to emerge. Loving actions are the result of Love/Oneness and vice versa.

Look beyond the “opposites” to the Unity of All things. It is then, and only then, that you will find and understand the One True Love.


Thank you, Will Nesbitt

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