The Rising Consciousness of Man

As many of you are aware, the ascension process on Earth has been underway for several years now and is continuing in waves of increasing consciousness. Those who awakened first are assisting the next group of people to awaken and to increase their vibrational energies and that wave will then assist the next. Many people are finding that their thoughts about other people are purer and they are starting to shy away from gossip and people whose words and thought-forms denigrate others.

As the distance grows between the level of consciousness of Lightworkers/Wayshowers, awakening souls and those who are resisting ascension increase and intensify, many people are ending relationships and making new ones. If you are finding that people who loved you and were keen to be around you have suddenly changed their attitude and have decided not to continue their relationship with you, take heart. You are not alone and you have done nothing wrong.

The rising consciousness depends upon individuals but when changes occur in the individual the effects upon their families and the world around them are great. The Wayshowers of the world have just about arrived at a place where their past is no longer a burden, their belief system is strong and their ability to think in 5D but function in 3/4D is in place. However, many are finding that arriving at a point where your thought patterns are pure and your spiritual practices are regular takes a lot of work to maintain when surrounded by people with much denser and lower vibrational thought patterns.

Maintaining friendships and marriages, family and client relationships is even more difficult when the energies of ascension are increasing and affecting the magnetic energies of the Earth and, in turn, the energetic fields of those who are less attuned and more susceptible to disrupted energy. In short, many people are experiencing outbursts of temper, headaches, fatigue, short attention spans, roller-coasting emotions and sleep disruptions. Some people further along the ascension road are losing friends or clients out of the blue and for seemingly no reason. This can be upsetting but it is an indication of the differences between the levels of consciousness amongst people and of how important maintaining high levels of vibration are, even when those around you cannot.

The rays of light now emanating from the Earth and from the Wayshowers who are connected to the energies of ascension are intense in their colours and integrity. The ability to see the bigger picture, to forgive easily and to love people no matter their foibles is the gift of ascension that Lightworkers, Wayshowers and their followers are now exhibiting. Although this level of thinking will not resonate with those who are still thinking at a lower vibration, the gentle and loving energy these people emit, along with the higher light frequencies they emanate, cannot help but draw ascending souls into their energy fields.

Wayshowers and those who are raising their vibrations are also accessing the knowledge encapsulated in their higher selves which makes their energies even more attractive to those who are just awakening, as their knowledge is outside the realm of unascended souls.

Those Wayshowers who work professionally will find themselves extremely busy helping people who have no idea what is happening. For those who are not professional healers but whose vibrations are of a higher frequency they will still find they attract people looking for comfort and advice. In both cases it is extremely important that you protect your energies and receive some kind of exchange of energy, otherwise the chances of being pulled back down the ascension ladder are high; it is much easier to allow one’s energies to slide into a lower vibration than it is to consistently maintain a vibration of oneness when surrounded by a cocktail of human energies that may or may not have negative energy attached to them. It is essential that all people, Wayshowers and Awakeners alike, keep their auras protected and their minds above the global chatter that incites hatred, violence and judgement to ensure a slide back into the lower dimensions of consciousness does not occur.

Stay strong, Awakened Ones. Know that you are completely loved and protected but, more importantly, know that Humanity needs you and you have the ability within you to answer the call.

I Am Archangel Michael

Thank You: Victoria Cochrane

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