6 Steps to The Power of Humility

When we lack humility, we may often find ourselves humiliated. The challenge is that most of us want to feel that we have some power and importance in our own lives. The idea of lowering our importance to grow as a person may seem to go against our will to thrive and survive.

Practicing humility makes us teachable, and therefore wiser. It makes us better listeners and therefore more valuable friends. It allows us to examine ourselves and our personal traits without shame or judgment. It helps us get to know ourselves like never before. And, it opens up our hearts to the voice of Our Soul.

What is humility?

Oxford American Dictionary defines humility as “a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness..” When we talk about humility as a spiritual principle, we’re talking about developing an honest, accurate and objective view of Our Soul’s importance in the universe. We might say that, through humility, we are developing an understanding of The Creator’s view of us as the original Soul Blueprint individually we have been created to be.

Humility is not low self-esteem. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. With humility, our self-esteem is not attached to our physical appearance, wealth, shortcomings, assets or our past. Instead it is attached to the unique design of our Soul, who The Creator, created with a purpose and gives us the power to fulfill that purpose. With humility, we view ourselves as equals with other human beings. Imagine a puzzle, and each Soul is a unique piece to The Creator’s puzzle.

Someone who practices humility rarely feels insecure or self-conscious. They unflinchingly take credit for that which they are responsible and give credit for that which they are not. Their self-esteem is stable and they are secure with who they are. They feel no need for competition. They learn from the opinions of others, but are not shaken by them.



6 Steps on How to be Humble

  1. Be grateful for your assets. In humility, we recognize the great qualities and assets that we have, but we don’t boast about them. Instead, we are grateful for them as gifts we have been given. Think about all the things you like about yourself and those things others like about you. Do you have intelligence, motivation, charm or some other great qualities? Express gratitude for those qualities and you will find humility.

  2. Be grateful for your challenges and shortcomings. If you struggle with feeling that you are less motivated, less attractive or less intelligent than others, be grateful for the perspective and learning experience that apparent shortcoming offers you. Life is about growth and change. Every challenge we face builds our character and our assets. When we express gratitude for the challenges we face, those challenges lose their power over our perception of ourselves and become building blocks of a secure foundation Our Soul can grow on.

  3. Do not compare yourself with others. Human Beings are the most diverse and variable creatures on the planet. Comparing one person to another is like comparing apples to green beans. It is this uniqueness of Our Soul that allows us to learn and grow from one another. You were created like no one else in the universe. You were created with a Soul purpose that is shared with no one else. When you compare yourself with someone else, you could not possibly see what The Creator sees in you.

  4. Be teachable. The key to wisdom is to be teachable, to realize that you do not know everything, that many things you believe to be true may be false, and that you have much to learn from others.

  5. Practice kindness anonymously. When you practice kindness, you transcend the high-anxiety world of selfishness and experiencing the fulfilling sense of oneness with others. When you practice kindness anonymously, you share the vision of your kindness only with The Creator without the distractions of pride and self-importance which may result from sharing your kindness publicly.

  6. Loosen your expectations. No matter how good you are at making plans or predicting outcomes, no matter how strong your belief is that something should be a certain way, life will often produce results you did not expect or did not want. When we hold tight to expectations, we become easily frustrated, disappointed, angry and humiliated. When we take ourselves and our expectations less seriously, we can more easily handle what life hands us and move out of The Creator’s way as Our Soul is guided on our unique life journey.

Thank You Danny Kohn

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