Cultivating your Imagination

“I choose to embrace and nourish the creative aspects of the higher mind through Imagination”

By its very nature, the physical body is limited by the three dimensions. Your mind is free to travel without boundaries and merge with the higher mind and cosmic consciousness of the higher dimensions. It is here your mind is the great Creator, and your imagination is its toolbox.

Everything in life begins with the energy of imagination. Thoughts can manifest themselves into the physical world. Train your mind to only direct you toward the highest potential of the seed of your Soul. Train your Heart to be in charge of choosing your words. In this way your heart and mind can be in union working with one another, Higher Mind and Love that’s unconditional, this brings you the joy and contentment you seek. This Joy and Contentment are possible, if you can see it, you can be it –allowing  creation in the physical to manifest it!

Visualize the components that you want in your life and imbue those thoughts with love, and they will become your reality. Conversely, if your mind strays to the lower mind and negative thoughts, you will only bring that energy to you. Be positive and loving, Imagination is creativity! Express yourself and let your imagination assist you in letting go of any creative blocks, and allow your dreams to come true. Remember you are not doing this for other people. The un-conditional heart and the higher mind are doorways to your Soul. This is your Soul opening up and singing it’s own unique song.

Enjoy during sleep this week or anytime Lucid Dreaming: “MOVIE MIND” – Dreams, Adventure, Creativity, Imagination, Relaxing Background Music

Thank You James Van Praagh


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