Awakening Our Reality

Were you a Wizard of Oz fan, or more of a Goonies kid? Maybe you were hooked on Marvel Comics or a Disney tale?

There’s no doubt that there was at least one story each of us watched or read repeatedly as children. We realize now that it was more than Dorothy or Superman that we couldn’t get enough of; it’s the lessons and feelings they inspired to which we hold on.

Likewise, this week’s energy is parallel to the one’s taught to children because of an awesome awareness it provides about one of life’s biggest gifts: the power of choice. We have the power to choose.

There are two forces constantly at play in our life: Soul Self and Body Self. Soul Self through consciousness embodies the energy of love, effort and an open heart. It wants what’s best for everyone in the long term. Body Self consciousness is a more narrower frame of reference. It wants what feels good right now for the self alone, with little effort or opening of the heart.

This is the constant battle going on inside of us. These two opposing forces continuously pull us in different directions – but we have the power to choose which consciousness will guide us. In choosing, we sacrifice one consciousness in favor of the other.

Even when we are aware of this battle, we can still lose by getting stuck in struggle mode. Life is a continuous climb up to your next level, choosing growth and the overcoming of obstacles again and again. It’s not just about coping with problems.

Life is also about creating the reality you want for yourselves and others. Our Soul is a divine spark of the Light of the Creator. When we win the inner battle and choose our Soul Body consciousness, we come closer to the power of the Creator, the ultimate power of creativity.

It’s time to change the scenery in our mind from a battle field to the victory zone.

Every “I can’t” is now “I can”.

Every “I am not good enough” is now “I am the best I can be”.

Every “I am not worthy” is now “I am worthy”.

You have the keys to a free state of mind. All is possible. No more excuses. No more circumstances to blame for what you wish you could do. You are home free.

Now what? What will you do? What will you create? What will you experience and share?

The spiritual power in this week is a journey to that state of freedom and creativity. When we overcome the battle of doubts and inner limitations, we come closer to the divine energy of the universe, and with that connection, all is possible!

Thank You Sarah


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