Dr. Dawn Ella



Dr. Dawn Ella is an Acclaimed Author, Soul Physician, Alternative Doctor of Divinity & Metaphysics, Soul Medic Mentor, Soul Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Inspirational Speaker & clear channel of the Light.

At the age of 30, Dawn had an epiphany from a near-death experience. After the experience, she had discovered that she returned with an unusual gift for understanding the higher vibration energy of the Soul.

Dr. Ella is passionate about sharing the Soulful guidance of your Authentic Higher Self and AwAkening the elevated frequencies of the Wisdom of The Spiritual Laws of the Universe. Her work encompasses helping others to connect human self to Soul self, for the harmonic personal power to remember the truth of their magnificent Light within their Heart & Soul.

Dawn is honored to be able to share the energetic healing transformation and wisdom of Divine guidance to serve humanity, and all Light. It is her mission in life to encourage and inspire with unconditional love and high vibration energy, for humanity to discover their True Authentic Self in the pursuit of their dreams. It is her intention to be a channel of Divine Light and use her gifts to promote and increase the vibration of humanity, empowering the highest well being of her clients, helping them to become empowered and assist in their own journey of alchemy (spiritually).

Dr. Ella is a Doctor of Complementary, Integrative & Alternative Medicine, Ordained Minister, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Metaphysics, Shamanic / Reiki and Energy healer & Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach/Mentor. She has 26 years of personal experience with the most advanced healing modalities, with 13 years of professional experience in complementary, integrative & alternative medicine. Acclaimed Author of TheEnergy Tree- The Reflection. She incorporates the Divine Wisdom of The Spiritual Laws of The Universe into The AwAkening Process; Soul Body Optimization® -Analysis & Healing, Soulful Meditations – Light of The Soul Series, along with the One on One Soul Medic Mentorship. Contact Dr. Ella today to schedule your Complimentary Consultation.


The services at The Soul Medic, Inc. are for spiritual guidance and educational purposes only. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The Soul Medic, Inc. products and services are not replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment. Alternative and Integrated therapies are complementary to conventional treatments; therefore integration of modalities maximizes healing results and benefits for each individual. Always consult a physician, trained health care professional or veterinarian before undertaking any diet, health related or lifestyle change programs for you or your pet.

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