What is the Perspective of The Soul?

I possess gifts of The Soul that benefit me and others.

The Soul says… “Everything is exactly as it should be” Okay… One of the most challenging phrases to incorporate into our multi-dimentional reality, yet it’s all about perception.

The Soul says… “Your perception becomes your reality.” Right… It is easy to perceived others as being better than you. Yet, truth is: this is a trap of the ego. There is no one greater or lesser than you; there are only those who have learned how to reveal their gifts to a greater or lesser degree. Everyone is born with unique abilities of The Soul, and just like snowflakes, no two are ever alike.

You have a unique perspective to share with the world and have come back this time to put your stamp on it. Perhaps you may not be aware or even “in tune” with your incredible and gifted self. Why not try to make a list of 10 aspects of yourself or abilities you possess that you love and hold in high regard? It is not easy to write about yourself, but sometimes you need to be reminded just how special you are. Remember that you did not come down to this schoolroom by accident. You have meaning and a reason for being. You are a treasure chest of incredible gifts and insights. Now is the time to celebrate you!

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Frequency Music this week – 256Hz 》ROOT CHAKRA CLEANSING SOUND BATH 》Let Go of Fear, Worries & Anxiety 》Chakra Healing Music -Root Chakra is often blocked by fear, anxiety and endless worries of past and future. 256Hz is one of the primary resonating frequency for root chakra – muladhara and the sound bath music has been specially composed with root note at 256Hz. This will help chakra activation as it starts to resonate more. Meditating along with this can bring more focus in your meditation and help in healing and unblocking this chakra.

Thank you james van praagh

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