Happy New Moon Taurus

A brand new cosmic zone starts at the beginning of this week. So, let’s get ready for new windows of opportunity! Traditionally, this time zone is considered astrologically complex; in that the Light is actually hiding from us so we can reveal it. In a way, the Light of positivity and blessings is kind of eclipsed, and playing a game of hide-and-seek with us.

“As long as we actually look for it, this can be a time of great understanding and achievements. “

The lunar month of Taurus just began. It’s quite an energy change from impulsive and fiery Aries. Let’s get more insight into the lunar month of Taurus and its atmosphere. Since Taurus is a fixed sign, we can expect to feel slow and a bit stuck during this entire month. Our lovely friends, the Taureans (as well as the month), are controlled by the planet Venus (Noga in Aramaic), which happens to be the foggiest planet of our solar system! Venus, in fact, has extreme temperatures because of the greenhouse effect created by the clouds surrounding it. At the same time, Venus is the brightest star in the night sky.

The external energy of Taurus is earth, while the internal sign is fire. Together, it’s a volcano! One of their traits is they really dislike the word “change.” When communicating with a Taurean we can use the following terms: upgrade, transformation, improvements… just not the “c” word!

The part of the body connected to the sign is the throat, thyroid, and vocal cords. Many Taureans have a fantastic and easily recognizable voice. Because Taurus is a fixed sign, blockages and delays are expected during this whole month. But, we also have an amazing opportunity to strengthen all our desires!

Tips for the month of Taurus

Avoid being comfortable. If it’s uncomfortable, do it.

  • Listen to others
  • Embrace discomfort
  • Actively share with others
  • Transform complacency to movement

Coming out of the “Comfort Zone”

 Meditation for the Month: I clearly see my personal limitations.

Looking into the past, I notice all of the instances when ego has kept me imprisoned, holding me back from true joy and fulfillment.  As I focus on the Light of the Creator, the transformative energy of the divine washes over me, and I feel free.

No more complaining, no more frustration. I will not get caught up in the material world. Instead, I will look beyond into the spiritual realm and let go, freeing myself from the trappings of ego.

Thank You Yael Yardeni

Enjoy POWERFUL Crown Chakra Activation and Balancing (15 minute) Meditation this month!

These tones awakens any system to its original, perfect state. It is connected with the Light and all-embracing Spirit, and enables direct experience, the return to Oneness. These frequencies re-connects you with the Spirit, or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. It will enable you to experience Oneness – our true nature.

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