Happy New Moon Aries

We are in our final week of emotional Pisces, and we are about to enter a completely different time zone: that of fiery Aries! Let’s get ready for a new cosmic color; we are moving from pastel blue to orange-red! As it happens, Rosh Chodesh Nissan (Aries) is an essential cosmic milestone, as it signs the Astrological New Year. So, we have to prepare ourselves, spiritually and mentally, for the birth of the New Moon on Friday morning.

This coming week is all about closures. Take a good look at what has been left unfinished. Speak the words necessary for concluding an episode, an encounter, or even a job. Right now, our souls are pushing us to correct and amend everything in all domains of life before entering a new happy cycle.

On a practical level, most of our work is internal. Let’s admit it – we hang on to things a lot longer than we should! Right now is a fantastic exercise in letting go, especially when we are convinced we are absolutely right. This is the time for a brand new life, brand new self, and brand new year. And we do not want to drag along unnecessary baggage! Time for a real clean up!

Let’s examine the star of this month, Aries, or Ram – the first child of the Zodiac. One thing is for sure: they are full of surprises!

Aries is, indeed, a brilliant sign. Those born under this sign are quick to catch on and understand new concepts, and gifted with a great learning mind. They have a great sense of humor, but their actions can be incredibly impulsive. Aries have great difficulty controlling their hearts since their main drive is love. They will do anything for the sake of love. The key to understanding Aries is to remember in their hearts they are still ten years old, and this will remain true all their lives, hence their youthful curiosity. And they will certainly never refuse a nice compliment!

On closer inspection, we realize that Aries is the water (right column) of the fire signs, hence the complicated emotional system. Water and fire do not really mix together well. Therefore, their thought processes can become really complicated, mentally torturing themselves for days…

Those born under Aries are also solid and brave, making great soldiers. Fantastic troopers, they are always ready for a new project or venture…or even a good fight! Their courage comes from the fact they often do not think of the consequences. They are very volatile, yet quickly calm down and regret their explosions. They are, indeed, ruled by the planet Mars, the zodiac warrior. In-day-to-day life, Aries holds the gold medal of forgetfulness and clumsiness, and they make terrible liars, because they can never remember what has been said!

The key word for Aries is, freedom. This is what they thrive for. They prefer working on their own or for themselves. The idea of freedom can also create obstacles in love and relationships. It’s highly recommended that they find angels of patience as life partners!

The organ ruled by the sign is the head, therefor care should be taken to not overthink everything!

A significant number of those born under Aries are very creative, and make great actors and movie directors. Abraham Maslow, Charlie Chaplin, Francis Ford Coppola, Maya Angelou, Vincent Van Gogh, Raphael, and Leonardo Da Vinci are great representatives of the sign.

In conclusion, let’s gather all our energies towards new goals, new ventures, and a brand new life!

Tips for the month of Aries

Look to complete things

  • Remember the past to avoid repeating mistakes
Before acting – ask for the Light to guide you
  • Decrease ego by remembering we are just a channel for Light
  • Empathize with others
  • Avoid conflict

It’s time to break the “me, me, me” syndrome

ל.א.ו  Meditation for the Month: As I look into my Soul, I can feel the sore places where I have been wounded by my ego: worry over what people think about me, needing to be right, angry when things don’t go my way.

As I let it go and reach for Light on a higher plane, those places in my Soul open up. I am free, my ego diminishes and I concentrate on what is really important: love, friends, family, spiritual fulfillment, connection.

Thank You Yael Yardeni

Enjoy 417 Hz – Clear Subconscious Negativity | New Beginning | Alpha Binaural Beats Meditation this month!

These tones awakens any system to its original, perfect state. It is connected with the Light and all-embracing Spirit, and enables direct experience, the return to Oneness. These frequencies re-connects you with the Spirit, or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. It will enable you to experience Oneness – our true nature.


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