Full Moon In Leo – An Ego War

On February 9th, 2020 we have a Full Moon at 20° Leo. The Full Moon is trine Mars and quincunx Pluto.

Leo is the sign of individuality and ego. The Moon in Leo represents our need to be acknowledged, respected and validated.

Mars is the planet of action and assertiveness – and yes, conflict and war.

And Pluto is the planet of power, transformation, and truth. All these elements make for a very intense, “no compromise” Full Moon.

At this Full Moon, you will want to follow your heart’s desire, and get things “your way”. Just be careful that your actions don’t come from a place of ego. Because the last thing you want at this Full Moon is to engage in an ego war.

It’s not that “ego” is bad. It is part of being human. Our ego has a clear purpose, to direct focus, to create boundaries, and to make sure we protect ourselves so we can ultimately, survive.

If it wouldn’t be for the ego we would not even look left and right when we cross the street. Some level of ego is necessary.

But the problem is when there is too much ego, and when everything we do, comes from a place of individuality and separateness, rather than from a place of compassion and oneness.

Full Moon In Leo Quincunx Pluto

This Full Moon in Leo is quincunx Pluto, the planet of transformation and higher truth. Pluto is the most feared – and misunderstood – planet in astrology. Pluto, or the Lord of the Underworld, works in the background to make sure that energy flows through the system, and that life is sustained.

Pluto represents the cycles of nature, the ongoing process of transformation from one state of being into another. Pluto is the life force itself.

The leaves “die” in the autumn to feed the soil and the tree they emerged from. So that they can be born again in the spring. Think of Pluto-like the ecosystem of life. Pluto takes care of everything. And even if its ways are mysterious, Pluto always has the greatest intention at heart.

Coming back to ego, and to our personal needs and interests (Full Moon in Leo). If Leo and Mars represent our personal ego, and our personal will to survive and thrive – Pluto is the “ego” of the universe.

Pluto wants not only you but the whole system to survive and thrive. That’s why Pluto’s interests will always triumph over personal interests.

Pluto will support you as long as your personal interests are aligned with the greater interests, and make your life difficult when your personal interests are not aligned with the greater interests.

Because the Full Moon in Leo makes aspects to both Mars (personal will) and Pluto (greater will), on one hand, you will feel called to do what YOU want and what is in YOUR best interest (Full Moon trine Mars) but then the quincunx with Pluto shows that your actions may be at odds with the “greater will” of the Universe.

This can easily lead to an ego war. You against nature. But this is not an “either, or”.

Full Moon In Leo – Find Creative Solutions

The quincunx is an awkward, but also a highly creative aspect. A quincunx connects two signs that have nothing in common, neither the element nor the modality. Leo (Full Moon) has nothing in common with Capricorn (Pluto). Leo is a fire, fixed sign. Capricorn is an earth, cardinal sign. Nothing in common.

That’s why the quincunx feels awkward at the beginning. However, this tension will eventually help you reconcile the differences by finding a creative solution.

The Full Moon-Pluto quincunx will help you reconcile the two apparently conflicting interests.

You can find new ways to get your needs met. You can express yourself in ways you haven’t done before.

Let’s say your work doesn’t give you the validation and recognition you need. Instead of getting into conflict with your manager – or quitting your job (these are examples of an ego war) reflect on what you really want to achieve and what the world really needs from you – and then find new, creative ways to express yourself and contribute – in this current job or in some other way.

To make the most out of this Full Moon in Leo (and to make sure you don’t engage in an ego war) – reflect on what you want to achieve.

If what you feel is clarity, flow, and engagement, this means you have already found a creative solution to your existing circumstances – so go for it.

BUT if what you feel is uncertainty, guilt or resentment, dig deeper. The creative, Pluto-proofed solution hasn’t been found yet. You must keep on searching. You must keep on digging.

The Full Moon in Leo is your opportunity to find new ways of self-expression that go beyond the expression of the ego, so you can better meet your personal needs, in alignment with the universe’s order and infinite wisdom.

Frequency Music this Week 639 Hz … A frequency filled with Love, Radiance and Positive Energy, Its the frequency of Heart… The vibration of our Heart Chakra. It can transform the most anxious hearts into compassionate loving ones… full of positive energy… As you hear this music, smile at your heart. See your heart like a flower, fresh, full of love, full of fragrance … radiating out to the world… As you meditate along with this music, let go of all the negative feelings inside your heart, and watch it become tender, full of love and positivity.

Thank You AstroButterfly

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