A New Point of View – Blood Moon Eclipse – What’s happening Energetically

The period of the portal Equinox represents a significant moment of great power on the planet as the Earth’s magnetic field is influenced by the position of the Sun in its alignment with the equator. This is why rituals and meditation have been observed in these particular dates by many cultures around the world. From the equinox kicks off this portal energy to set the stage for what is to follow with the next Full Moon / Eclipse.

This vibrational acceleration will September 23 to 28 with an integration period of 29 to 30 September.

These are some of some of the possible events for these energies

1) The healing of physical and emotional problems, especially of chronic or long-term, and what impact will these energies of all our energy bodies and our cells.

2) The fall of the energies in the form of beliefs, in particular those that are no longer useful or support to our divine if more authentic

3) The implementation and the transformation of possible “roles” of our souls that are no longer needed. More plies will be eliminated so to speak, more you can reach higher levels of alignment and realization.

In combination with some other energy cosmic astro-present (ie Mercury retrograde) will be useful to remain open and flexible. Energies, concepts and situations will flow quickly.

We would especially like to invite those who identify themselves as empathic and / or highly sensitive to stay in their own circle (energy), grounded and centered. This is one of the periods when the astral realms will be in great turmoil, and this could prove distracting or imbalance. Be beings of peace. These periods are cleverly designed so that the energies are moving in an intelligent and proactive. In times of change and evolution there may be some discomfort and resistance can increase in intensity. Know that you are not without spiritual assistance. You are dearly loved.

maxresdefaultPossible Physical effects for the period 9/23-28/2015

Some of the physical effects are: headache, “brain fog”, which is increasing decline of physical problems, fatigue, increased thirst and appetite or decreased appetite can. “Contractions” of organs or slight discomfort, especially in the liver and gall bladder, which are the organs of detoxification. Symptoms “cold” involving the chest, slight cough and / or sore throat. Dreaming on the rise including lucid dreaming and OBEs possible

It’s very important to stay as hydrated as possible while impact with the incoming energies. One of the signs of dehydration is headaches, especially for people who do not normally suffer from it. Limit or avoid high-protein foods to synergize the energies arriving at the physical level.

Emotionally we can have a mood oscillating between fits of crying and moments of great clarity, peace and joy. It should not do self-diagnosis, until this “wave” has passed, about 29th to 30th of September.

Life dream and reality shift

Expect a dream life “colored” in the coming week, when the metaphors in terms of dreams will be freewheeling. This is not uncommon in periods of renovation energy where we have to release everything that is useful or necessary. Write down in a notebook your dreams because some symbols can be so profound that they are not obviously apparent upon awakening. We can sleep very deeply or have a light sleep like a meditation session more relaxed. In this case, we do not feel fully rested when we wake up. This is not uncommon in the period of strong energies coming through the portal.

Full Moon / Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries

Want great roots

As every year, this Full Moon highlights the polarity Aries (I) / Sun in Libra (us). The dark side of the energies of Aries cosmoscan be aggression, hostility and fighting for the need to fight. The bright side, however, can be very high because it embodies the I AM presence together with the desire in its pure form, the courage and spiritual strength. The general theme of these energies of the portal are: the transformation, healing and releasing all that no longer serves our higher purpose and our mission.

“Can I light up the night with my soul on fire?
I can shine the sun of pure desire. “

During a total lunar eclipse we have a powerful point of energy to be leveraged over time as the moon is connected with emotions, energy yin and inwardness and is in Aries, the sign Yang, martial and dynamic. This creates an interesting juxtaposition spiritual and also an interesting opening of energy that is presented to us as a harmonious balance between opposites. (Continues the article becomes more specific and useful for students of astrology)

We will need a long time to integrate these energies … let us trust the universe waiting to reap the benefits that accrue in 2016, which is the year of grace, goodness and completion.

Irma Sawyer

Sourced From: Vision Alchemica

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