3 Reasons Change is Your New Best Friend – And How to Embrace It!

It is said that the only thing constant in life is change. And yet, it is something we all struggle with. Sometimes we feel a lack in our lives that we want to change but don’t believe it is possible. Other times we face change that is beyond our control, and we resist it with all of our strength. We tend to face change as though it were an enemy – like it’s something we need to avoid or conquer. But the truth is, change is not our enemy. Change is a friend that is there to support and guide us.

Change gives us an opportunity to grow. What’s more, it is our constant companion in life. We are meant to choose change, to embrace it, seek it out, and get excited about it!

Here are 3 reasons to start embracing change today:

  1. Change presents us with new opportunities. We’ve all heard of instances where someone is let go from their job only to later land their dream job or start their own business. There is no shortage of success stories like these. But what happens when you don’t land your dream job? What happens when the next job pays a lower salary, and you have to take it just to make ends meet?

    The truth is that there are still blessings in that opportunity that are beyond our perception. Maybe we are meant to be at that job because, ultimately, there is more room for growth and advancement than the other position. Or maybe, we are meant to meet the love of our life there. Or a new best friend. Often, what we initially perceive to be a negative experience ends up being the best thing that could have ever happened to us.

    Whenever you experience change, remember that the universe is presenting you with new experiences that you normally wouldn’t have. We can never know the full picture, but if we embrace change instead of resisting it, we open ourselves to take advantage of every new opportunity as a blessing.

  1. Change will make you fearless. Experiencing the beauty that can come from challenges helps us naturally face the unknown and the unexpected. Life is about catching the moments when we can overcome anger, fear, or sadness – and those opportunities present themselves every single day if you are looking. It requires of us to live more consciously, asking ourselves, “Why does this make me scared? Why do I react this way?”

    No matter what happens, embrace the experience and enjoy it as a process of change. The more you practice this on a daily basis, the easier it becomes, even in the face of life’s biggest challenges. When you look at every challenge as a blessing in disguise, there is nothing that can scare you.

  1. Change will lead you (sometimes kicking and screaming) to a better version of your life. Nothing in our lives is random. The Creator knows what we need in order to grow. And sometimes what we need can seem painful or at odds with what we want. But even things we don’t choose have the power to change us in the best ways possible if we let them.

    Think back on some of the hardest challenges you have faced. Chances are, you learned something or grew a tremendous amount from them. Becoming a better person ultimately gives you a better experience of life. The more that we strive to transform ourselves every day, the more fulfilled and happier we become. Whenever you feel yourself resisting change, it means there is a hidden opportunity to grow. Ask yourself what you can learn from the experience.

Change is scary. We fear the unknown and feel comfortable in routine. But our souls are not meant to stay static. We age, we learn, we grow, we transform. Life is a beautiful process. Every change brings new opportunities for us to experience blessings and become happier people.

Make friends with change and enjoy the journey.

Frequency Music of the week: Facilitating Change – 417 Hz – Change Negative Life Situations – Solfeggio Meditation Music

This video below contains the 4th Tone in the Ancient Solfeggio Scale (417 Hz). This frequency will greatly assist in creating change in your Life, and clearing Negative Situations / Energy. The Ancient Solfeggio Scale is a sound frequency spectrum composed of 9 sounds that balance and heal the Mind / Body complex.  These sounds date back to Ancient Civilizations such as Egypt and Greece, where tuning forks were used to replicate these frequencies. Each frequency in the Ancient Solfeggio Scale reduces to either 3, 6, or 9, and is in perfect harmony with Sacred Geometrical patterns as displayed in Cymatic Experiments (Cymatics) Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated that sound (vibration) has an effect on water, just as it has an effect on material objects, such as the ability to shatter glass. He also demonstrated that Human Consciousness has an effect on water and that you can modify the structure of water by focusing your intent. 

The following frequencies are contained in this video:417 Hz, Pure Tone, Ancient Solfeggio Scale (Tone 4) Clearing Situations

Thank You TKC

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