UPDATE- Full Moon In Capricorn And The Cancer Solstice

On June 24th, 2021 we have a Full Moon in Capricorn.

This is a beautiful Full Moon that will give us a renewed sense of faith and optimism. Faith and optimism and a Full Moon in… Capricorn?

If you pay attention to the Lunar cycles you may have noticed that the previous Full Moons in Capricorns have not been the most “flamboyant” Full Moons out there.

But unlike last year’s Capricorn Full Moons which were Saturn and Pluto-influenced, the upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn is Jupiter-influenced, so it’s much more optimistic than usual.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on June 24th, 2021 is one of the most positive and constructive Full Moons of the year! It is about time…

Full Moon In Capricorn And The Cancer Solstice

We cannot talk about this Full Moon without talking about the Cancer solstice. The Full Moon in Capricorn is only 3 days after the Cancer solstice, so it carries a very potent, manifesting energy.

0° of Cardinal signs (0° Aries, 0° Cancer, 0° Libra and 0° Capricorn) are the most important degrees of the zodiac, because they coincide with the moment when the Sun changes direction in the sky. These 4 Cardinal points give us the cardinal cross and the 4 directions.

The 4 cardinal directions – East, North, West, South – create the shape of a square, and are a symbol for matter, or the physical world as we know it. Without matter, without a 3D reality, we would not have a physical form – we would be 2D energetic beings without a body.

We are who we are thanks to the 4 cardinal directions, thanks to the 2 equinoxes and the 2 solstices.

The 2 equinoxes give us the East and West, the sunrise and the sunset, the right and the left, the beginning and the end.

The March Equinox is when the Aries season starts, and we have the beginning of a new astrological year. The September Equinox is when the Libra season starts, and we are halfway through the solar cycle. In the natal chart, East gives us the Ascendant, or our rising sign, and West, the Descendant sign.

Full Moon In Capricorn – The Dimension Of Time

The June solstice is when the Cancer season starts, and the December Solstice, when the Capricorn season starts. The 2 solstices give us the other 2 directions, North and South, up and down.

If the 2 equinoxes give us the right and left, or dimension of space, the 2 solstices give us the dimension of time.

Everything that happens between the moment we are born and the moment we die, is created within the Cancer/Capricorn passing of time. Cancer (the IC in the natal chart) is where we come from. Capricorn (the Midheaven in the natal chart) is where we’re heading.

If the Aries/AC and Libra/DC axis answers the question “Who am I?”, the Cancer/IC, Capricorn/MC axis answers the question “What should I do with my life?”.

And here we come back to the Full Moon in Capricorn. When we have the Cancer and the Capricorn Solstice, when we have a Cancer or Capricorn lunation, we are at crossroads. This is that time of the year when we want an answer to the question “What should I do with my life?”.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on June 24th, 2021 asks us to reconcile the Cancer and Capricorn polarity.

The Capricorn/MC is the North, the very top, that place where we are fully visible, and fully exposed. Cancer/IC is at the bottom of the chart, fully hidden. Cancer/IC is the familiar. Capricorn/MC is the unfamiliar. Cancer/IC is our comfort zone. Capricorn/MC is our un-comfort zone.

Full Moon In Capricorn – Cancer Vs. Capricorn

This is just the way I am – take it or leave it” says our Cancer comfort zone. “Fake it till you make it,” says our socially-aware Capricorn ideal self.

Our genes and cultural conditioning (Cancer/IC) is only half of who we are. The person we aim to become (Capricorn/MC) is the other half, and this ideal, constructed persona guides our actions and reshapes our personality a little bit every day.

There is a fine balance between the two.

Too much focus on Cancer/IC and we never grow up. We blame our early upbringing for our lack of success and direction in life. We feel vulnerable, and we don’t believe we can actually “make it” on our own.

Too much focus on Capricorn/MC and we’re like a mouse on the treadmill. We run and run and run, without knowing where we’re heading. We feel directionless, and even if we become successful by worldly standards, we feel unfulfilled and empty.

That’s because we have forgotten who we are, and where we’ve come from (Cancer). Our identity, early upbringing, culture of origin is not embraced, or acknowledged.

The reason why cultural sites, statement buildings, or places of worship are the first to be destroyed during wars, is done purposefully, to “kill” the cultural identity of the nation. A person, a nation that does not know who they are, will never know where they’re headed, and it is easily manipulated.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is a reconciliation between our past and the treasures we carry, and the possibilities of the future.

We should never forget where we’ve come from (Cancer), yet, just like the bird eventually leaves the nest, we need to eventually embrace our OWN path.

Full Moon In Capricorn – Time Is On My Side

The Full Moon is at 3° Capricorn and it is sextile Jupiter at 2° Pisces.

This is a beautiful Full Moon that makes literally zero tense aspects. The sextile to Jupiter is a reminder to keep our faith and never lose sight of the bigger picture. No matter how tough life gets, there is always a better tomorrow.

Remember, Cancer and Capricorn give us the dimension of time. But instead of going into fear of missing out mode, the Full Moon in Capricorn invites us to reflect on what we are really trying to achieve.

When we have full clarity, when we know where we are headed, time becomes our friend, not our enemy. So what if it takes a lifetime to achieve your goal?

The Saturn-Uranus square has triggered a systemic shakeup in our lives. As you may know, the Saturn-Uranus square is active throughout the whole of 2021. In 2021, it’s not only one area of our life that requires our attention… we are up for a complete overhaul.

But from time to time, beautiful alignments like the Full Moon in Capricorn come to remind us that our hard work is not in vain.

2021 is not just a trip to the supermarket. 2021 is not “business as usual”. 2021 is “the beginning of a long journey by water”.

So we have to be ready. We have to be well prepared. And when the large canoe will eventually reach its destination, we will know that it was all worth it.

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