The Spiritual Law of Miracles

Upon the earth-plane we live in a low, heavy and dense vibration. This heavy vibration is subject to the Spiritual Law of Karma. When the Light, Divine frequency dissolves and transmutes our lower energies, miracles occur.  This is the Spiritual Law of Miracles.

As the consciousness of the planet and its inhabitants rises, more and more people are accessing their higher, inner-selves and the Divine spiritual energies. With this, more and more people are witnessing and experiencing miracles of all kinds in their lives. Growing amounts of beings upon the earth-plane are activating the Spiritual Law of Miracles.

Unconditional love, genuine forgiveness and joy are the Divine energies which facilitate miracles to take place in our lives. Miracles are the result of the activation of higher vibrations and energies.

In line with the Spiritual Law of Miracles, when we ask The Positive Angels, Ascended Masters and/or any higher beings from the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light to assist us, we draw in the Divine frequencies and energies which are able to transcend our physical laws.

In accordance with the Spiritual Law of Miracles, coincidences and synchronicities are forms of miracles.  Spiritual forces work behind the scenes to co-ordinate the Universe to ensure that pre-destined meetings, opportunities and situations take place.  Coincidences and synchronicities are directed by the Higher Source (The Creator) and orchestrated by our Higher Self and Guardian Angels in order to allow us to fulfill our destinies of the highest level of the seed of Our Soul.

To enact and invoke the Spiritual Law of Miracles, all we need to do is simply ask.

Enjoy these Miracle Tones to Activate your Pineal Gland – Open Third Eye and Heal the Heart Chakra through 963Hz + 852Hz + 639Hz ! Happy Listening! 


Image Credit: Alex Fuchs

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