Real Love

Real True Love is physically felt, it is an exact energy and is much more than just a state or thought. You may activate Real Love within You and/or actually physically feel Real Love being projected at You from an outside force. Most accepted definitions of Love fail to mention Real Love and focus upon what may be considered the state of Being, WHICH IS A DIFFERENT SENSATION.

The vibration of Real Love requires a sort of discipline, to stabilize the energy as it is integrated into One’s energetic Field/Being. A lesser Love is created through thought and attraction and is not like Real Love, it lacks the projection ability as well as the full sensation. The Real Love being experienced Now is one that is all physically encompassing with actual vibration being felt the beholder.

The Real Love is the main component/result of Divine Unions, where it is physically felt as the vibration and can be controlled and moved to certain areas of the physical vessel, or can fill the complete physical vessel with the vibrating sensation, or expand beyond the physical vessel into the energetic field of One ( THAT CAN EXTEND FOR FEET outside the physical vessel, and even miles in stronger cases that will come, this becomes possible usually upon the Merging of Two Divine Halves of a Soul, accepted as Twin Flames, and even with Unity of many Awakened Souls). A powerful One DOES NOT need to be in a Divine Union BEFORE they are able to project the pure Real Love over distance, and through space and time. Real Love has No BOUNDARIES.

Real Love is the key to All That Is. It IS the key to ALL of Humanity’s questions about Life. To KNOW Real Love is to Know the answers and One’s Purpose here. Upon Knowing Real Love, You have OUTGROWN the Human Playground and it will be soon time to leave. You are the Angel at this stage, able to transcend time and space from free will.

The more of the fear spectrum You take out of Your fuel tank, the more Love Fuel You can put in there, giving You Higher mileage as well as the ability to go further and Higher with Your vehicle. Divine Union Creates Rocket Fuel for Your Vessel.

Enjoy Solfeggio Frequency 639 Hz from the sacred Solfeggio scale. It enables creation of harmonious community and harmonious interpersonal relationships. Helps Heal Relationships and old negative energy & emotional scars. This frequency can be used to manifest and attract love.

Love and Light
Thank You Rick Jewers

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