Pierce the Realm of Joy, Appreciation and Oneness

“Listen to the beautiful, subtle voice of your own soul and open yourself up in a way that can receive Spirit in all ways, at all times. Pierce the space of joy, appreciation, and oneness that resides deep inside of you.

It is there, and it can be felt on a regular basis once uncovered in the folds of your consciousness.

Turn up your dial and invite higher vibrational frequency into your daily living. Be here now, basking in the divine flow of life and all that it brings.

You might not understand why life is flowing in a certain direction. Know that it’s okay not to know. In fact, it’s more than okay because this signifies a surrendering to Spirit which is the hallmark of enlightened living.

Practice acceptance and surrender now with the smaller difficulties so that life experiences requiring a grander capacity for surrender won’t be such a hardship.

The more tuned in, tapped in, and turned on you are, the easier the transition will be.”

~Annie Burnside from her wonderful book Soul to Soul Parenting

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Thank You Mystic Mamma

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