Happy New Moon Virgo


This week, we are entering a brand new lunar month: the zone of Virgo, called Elul in Aramaic. Let’s find out a little more about the new atmosphere we are exposed to at this time, so we can take great advantage of this clean slate. Virgo literally means “the virgin!” This is the new chapter we have been waiting for all year!


The most striking trait of this lunar month’s chart is the formidable amount of celestial bodies in the seventh house, the domain of partnerships, love, and cooperation. The sun, moon, Mercury, and North Node are all in Leo and piling up in the seventh! In addition, Venus has entered peaceful Libra. It appears the new cosmic trend is to be completely open to others, transparent, and clear, as opposed to opaque and dense.

This is serious business: the intent of the cosmos is to push the delete button, stripping us of layers of mental thickness, laziness, and heaviness. And just when we thought we would have a smooth ride! But, the benefits are gigantic – we will implement a whole new approach, and very soon our old ways of functioning will be long forgotten. A true self-upgrade, and embracing honesty and openness with others is on the agenda.

As accustomed, let’s give our Virgo friends a little roast!

Virgo belongs to the earth family, with an internal energy of air (the central column). Out of all earth signs, Virgo is the lightest, similar to sand.

Virgo is also considered a mutable sign, having great adaptability and communication skills. In fact, Virgos come in two categories. The first appears peaceful and calm – “the wise Virgo.” The second is known as the “mad Virgo” – really controversial, colorful, and frankly, sometimes just a little crazy (the absolute antithesis of the first kind of Virgo!)

Being inside the head of a Virgo is a real trip; billions of thoughts occur within the span of a minute, feeling like a complete mess! Some Virgos sleepwalk, because they cannot stop the flow of thoughts even when asleep. How can that be? The Virgo mind is like a computer scanner; it records absolutely everything, and attempts to contain, box, and organize all thoughts.

Critical, and even judgmental at times, Virgos seek absolute purity (“the virgin”) and perfection in everything. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t exist, so they walk around in frustration for eternity. If you really want to know the truth about something, pay a visit to a Virgo! Disclaimer: you may get hurt!


The organs corresponding to this sign are in the midsection: the digestive system. As it happens, a tremendous amount of Virgos suffer from food allergies, ulcers, or even colitis, because of the internal worry and torture they endure in the quest for perfection. Many Virgos suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or have some kind of neurosis.

For the record, the Virgo population also includes a great number of hypochondriacs. They are very supplement-oriented, and extremely picky eaters.

A big percentage of surgeons are Virgos, and thank God, because they know how to cut! The greatest thing about Virgos is their sense of care (Mother Theresa was a Virgo). They are super-responsible and make great assistants; their offices are covered in to-do lists, and they are often the first to arrive on the job and the last to leave.

Extremely professional and reliable with everything they touch, they tend to be workaholics. Virgos are not too good at risk-taking, preferring the security of a steady job (for example, accounting). Some Virgos are also found in PR, and are really talented and sharp.

The famous (funny) Virgo test: to find the Virgos in the room, start teaching in front of a picture that is purposely crooked. After two minutes, the Virgos will become agitated, and instead of concentrating on the class they will stare at the picture until one finally gets up to straighten it, much to the relief of all the others! (I have personally tried that test with great success.)

Tips for the month of Virgo

Beware of being critical of yourself and others.

  • Connect with the bigger picture.
  • Let go of the desire to control the physical
  • Go with the flow.
  • Be proactive and ask questions
  • Don’t worry; be happy!
  • Seek to understand, not judge
  • Let go of the details (it’s too much!)
  • When disappointed, give things a second chance.

A very important tip to remember for the whole month is to keep your tongue in check!

י.ל.ה Meditation for the Month:I will spread love for no reason. 
I will resist my tendencies toward judgment. 
As I look back on negative words or deeds from my past, I replace them with Light and compassion, sending positive forces out into the universe to replace the negative ones. 
I will look upon others with compassion, sweetening the judgments as they come my way.

Frequency Music for the Month: Music to Clear Negative & Bad Energy From House, and Even Yourself | It features Tibetan Singing Bowl pure sound vibrations tuned to 417 Hz

Thank You Yael Yardeni

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