Happy New Moon Gemini

Expect the Unexpected

Some would say this is the most important week of the year.

Uranus, one of the external planets, that moves relatively slowly, is changing a sign today Monday, May 14th. This only happens every seven years! Uranus moves into Taurus from Aries. When a change like that occurs, it affects all of humanity, not just each of us as individuals. Uranus is the planet of revolution, of the unexpected, out of the norm, new ideas, innovation, and global shifts.

Since Uranus enters Taurus today Monday, we should expect the unexpected! Be aware that globally there is a possibility of many changes. More than that, we might see some shocking shifts in the earthy, physical matters that relate to the sign of Taurus – the world of money and Mother Earth! Kabbalistically, it provides us an opportunity to be more aware of our environment, more involved, and more open to doing things differently.

In short, be open to changing your perception this week. The more open you are for unexpected changes, the faster and more smoothly you will adapt to new realities and seeing the blessings within those opportunities. 


The Best Day for New Beginnings and Manifestations!

The New Moon of Gemini comes with tremendous support from the rest of the planets. Tuesday, May 15th is the first day of the month of Gemini according to the ancient hebrew calendar. (In the Gregorian calendar, we need to wait almost a whole week until the sun enters Gemini.) The energy of the airy sign of Gemini helps us to get ready for a lighter period of time. This will relieve a bit of the heavy and slow energy we feel lately from the sun in Taurus and many other planets that are in earth signs (particularly, when it comes to communication and quickness of action).

Also on this day, the moon resides in the sign of Taurus, which will present us with a time that is good for fertility, initiation, and creation of anything new in the physical/material world.

The Spiritual Roller Coaster – Here We Go Again…

Remember the unexpected factor we discussed earlier? On May 16th, Mars enters the sign of Aquarius for a few months, and with a square to Uranus (remember that Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, just moved to Taurus?) a few times more than usual, there will be an accent on the surprise – shock and elements of change for us this week and moving forward for a while.

Connecting Internal & Emotional Worlds

On May 18th, there is a practical trine between Mercury in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. In addition, a beautiful grand trine between the moon, Neptune, and Jupiter in watery signs. What does this mean for us? This day brings a tremendous opportunity to connect to our internal truth with a clear vision and strength. At the same time, we can manifest great ideas and dreams in a much more practical way.

Bottom Line for this Month

Hold tight, stay strong, keep your certainty, and stay open-minded! This process has the potential to strengthen our internal spiritual core on unimaginable levels.

Take advantage of the opportunities for manifestation that appear a few times this week by aligning yourself with your true desires and dreams, making sure you move in the right direction.

Tips for the month of Gemini 

Focus and commit 

  • Focus on details
  • See the big picture
  • Finish what you start
  • Trust the Light, not your mind


“Stop putting it off until later…it’s now or never.”

ל.כ.ב Meditation for the Month: Think of an unfinished project that is an obstacle in your life. Decide you are going to finish it and follow through, and begin with this meditation.

I see the unfinished project in front of me. I am going to complete [enter project here] as I visualize myself [enter the process necessary for completion here].

I feel frustration and procrastination drifting away. I am getting closer to completing my goal. As I breathe, I get even closer. I feel stronger, more connected to my Light Force. Laziness and doubt are gone, and I see myself fulfilled, creating more space for even greater accomplishments.

Thank You Miriam Ashkenazi

Enjoy Powerful Miracle Tones Music – To Enhance Positive Energy this Month!

This is a powerful combination of 3 Miracle tones 432Hz – Deeply Calming And Healing Tone 528Hz – Miracle Tone for Raising Positive Energy And Bringing Lasting Positive Transformation 639Hz – Frequency of Love, Compassion and Positive Energy. We have tried to combine all the 3 frequencies musically and hope that you will like this. The track starts with 432Hz and moves to 528Hz then comes back to 432 Hz and goes to 639Hz, and oscillates between these frequencies. You can also use this along with your meditation – especially chakra meditation for Solar Plexus Chakra and Heart Chakra. Hope this will bring you Miracles of Light this Month! All the Best!

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