2020 Turning Point ~ How to Navigate this Reset

Eclipses are major game-changers and turning points in our lives that begin or end significant chapters – usually without prior warning.

Despite Mercury, along with 4 other major planets currently retrograding, the combined energies of the Eclipse and Solstice are so powerful that they outweigh and overrule all other planetary influences. For the next 48 hours, at the very least, we will all find ourselves with no other option but to surrender to these incoming rays, and we will know on the deepest level that this point in time is a major catalyst for evolution and the beginning of a brand new era, both personally and collectively. 

We will all be affected, whether by fierce, fiery and forceful jolts that impact areas that are in dire need of immediate transformation, or whether through immensely heightened intuition and overwhelming downloads of information that shake us out of our comfort zone so we make an essential and overdue change. Even those who feel they are already in full spiritual alignment won’t escape this energy, and although the eclipse will affect them in a more serene and subtle way, there will still be major internal work occurring on a deep cellular level. 

This Eclipse/Solstice energy is so intense and revolutionary that none of us are going to come out of the eclipse unaffected – we are all about to experience quite possibly one of the greatest transformations we will go through during this decade, specifically in relation to our homes structures, belief systems, and family values.   

We may feel an instinctual need to have a radical spring clean of our relationships, home, hearts, and minds. However, it is essential to be patient and rational and not make hasty decisions that could potentially damage important connections.   

Slightly before the eclipse, we start to become aware that for some time certain things have been happening behind the scenes in our lives. At the exact time of the eclipse, an inner light will suddenly shine and our unconscious mind will become fully activated, dissolving illusions and bringing instant revelations, clarity, and crystal clear perception. 

The intensely clarifying awakening that we are about to experience and whatever decisions we make will set the tone for the next 6-months and dramatically alter the direction we are traveling in. It is vital that we set clear intentions at this time, as whatever seeds we plant during the eclipse will create a theme that develops and grows over the next half of the year. 

It is important that we are absolutely sure that what we are asking for is what we truly want and is in total alignment with our highest good, as New Moon Eclipses are extremely powerful periods for manifesting and can bring instant and dramatic transformation. They also test our resolve by giving us a glimpse into what we have been working towards so that we have the chance to switch paths if we aren’t fully resonating with what we see. 

It is likely that we will feel so renewed and regenerated that within moments of the eclipse happening we will notice our energy recalibrating and radically changing. This energetic reset creates a transformation so great that we will suddenly feel different, as though we are new and highly advanced versions of ourselves.

Karmic energy is also amplified during an eclipse, so repayments will be coming, particularly rewarding to those who have been injecting light and kindness into the world and helping it become a safer and more harmonious place for all to live in.   

The first chapter of 2020 has been beyond imaginable for many of us, and certainly not how we thought the year was going to play out when we first started it. However, this second chapter is our time. It is our chance to look at everything that fell apart, everything that was dismantled, and every situation where we felt the dissolution of our personal power and to now rebuild from scratch, knowing we have the divine ability to make it through the darkest times, regardless what is thrown our way. 

Eclipse energy is similar to Full Moon energy, but multiple times more potent and possibly disruptive. We may feel triggered and find ourselves involved in futile arguments and we might notice our energy and the energy of the people around us feels highly charged and volatile. Mercury is also now retrograde, adding more layers of unpredictable energy, so be wary of overreactions and being provoked or pulled into other people’s chaotic circumstances.  

Depending on how harmonious or disharmonious our energy is entering the eclipse phase, we may feel extra irritable, edgy, emotional, anxious, fatigued, angry or stressed, or the total opposite and be filled with a sense of divine peace, comfort, and serenity. The more present we remain and aware that highly charged energy is all around us, the better equipped we will be to handle volatile energies. 

We may notice our senses are on high alert and everything feels and sounds louder, brighter, stronger, and more vivid than before, as the energy emanating from an eclipse is extremely powerful, which can sometimes feel overwhelming and disorientating. 

Eclipses are catalysts that deliver immense and unexpected change. They are the “wild cards” of the cosmos, and we are often unprepared for the rapid and dramatic shifts they bring. They leave a long-lasting imprint, as they generate huge surges of emotional energy which heightens our intuition and compels us to question our core beliefs, values, thoughts, and feelings, which can make or break our closest relationships or cause us to make extreme decisions about other aspects of our lives.

An eclipse is the universe’s way of using cosmic powers to temporarily halt us and ask if we want to consider changing direction. They encourage us to take a few moments (at the time of the eclipse) to close our eyes and synchronize our energy with the shadowing of the Earth or the moon (depending on whether it is a solar or lunar eclipse), while focusing on the direction we want our lives to go in and whatever we wish to manifest.

This solstice brings with it an intense vibrational and transformational energy wave and marks the closure of the previous vibrational wave, which began on the winter solstice.  This brings to an end many events, particularly ones which we’ve now finally learned lessons from and are ready to leave behind. This day can be seen as a transitional rebirthing, or a “reset” where we release our hold on the old and open and prepare ourselves for the next stage.

Eclipses briefly pause the universal energy between the sun, moon, and Earth—and during them, we will notice an abrupt halt to the energy in our lives. This temporary seizure gifts us with profound clarity about our surrounding circumstances before pressing reset on our entire past.

This is a time for retreat and one where we should consciously refrain from any confrontations. We can aim to be far from any chaos and to take time to indulge in valuable introspection—maybe through meditation. The changes and shifts that are occurring are all for our, as well as other people’s, highest good. 

Intuition will be particularly strong, distortion will be cleared and awareness will be heightened on this day, as an energy portal is now open. 

A portal allows highly vibrating energy to rapidly travel between dimensions of two distant locations in the universe—for example, from the sun to the Earth. When a portal opens, it offers a temporary period of life-changing highly charged transformational frequencies that directly impacts all energetic particles on Earth, including all living beings. 

This gifts us the opportunity to experience a full, conscious awakening through renewed energy, infinite possibilities, higher wisdom, optimum growth, and increased and deeper levels of love and wisdom. It is an incredible opportunity to align with the universe’s energy and fully absorb and integrate the vibrational qualities it is delivering.

During highly charged energy portals, such as eclipses, we may notice the following:

  • Feeling more emotional and tearful.
  • People from our past reappearing so we have the chance to learn valuable lessons, make amends, or forgive and release once and for all.
  • Physiological symptoms may manifest, such as flu-like symptoms, ear ringing, or aches and pains.
  • Frequent anxiety or feeling panicky without a clear reason, as well as bouts of fear about the future.
  • We might “know” things without logical explanation.
  • Temporary loss of memories, forgetting things, misplacing items.
  • Time appears to go extremely slow or fast.
  • Disrupted sleep, insomnia, waking between the hours of 2:00 to 5.00 am
  • Premonitions, and vivid dreams or nightmares.
  • Seeing and feeling energy such as orbs, sparks, or flashes of light, and noticing energy warming the palms of hands.
  • Seemingly “out the blue” bouts of stress, irritability, frustration, sadness, nervousness, worry, fear, grief, overwhelm, and sudden mood swings.
  • Sensitive to light, tastes, touch, and noise—particularly tones of voices.
  • Feeling as though something huge is about to happen.
  • Awakening to past mistakes and no longer repeating them.
  • Chronic fatigue; being around other people feels draining.
  • Feeling zoned and spaced out, or ungrounded.
  • High intuition, sudden insights, heightened awareness, enhanced compassion and empathy, seeing things with clarity, and receiving answers or resolutions to ongoing issues.
  • Feeling immense peacefulness, releasing, healing, and letting go of the past.
  • Noticing synchronicities, i.e. number patterns reappearing.
  • Consciously aware of other people’s energy fields and being highly sensitive to negativity.
  • Becoming aware of certain things we have been conditioned to believe.
  • A growing discomfort around certain family members, friends, or work colleagues.
  • Preferring to spend time alone in introspection.
  • Struggles with communication, arguments, disagreements.


To combat these symptoms we can:

  • Drink plenty of filtered water (not tap water).
  • Take saltwater baths.
  • Meditate and remain aware of reoccurring thoughts and feelings.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Consume high-vibrational foods, such as fruit and vegetables.


Frequency Music this Week: Ancient Frequency Music, Energy Cleanse for Getting Rid of Negative Energy — Enjoy these chill vibes as focus cleansing your body and mind from all negativity. This track uses the 432Hz frequency as a bass tone.

Disclaimer: If you experience any of the symptoms listed here, please also seek the advice of a medical professional. The above symptoms are commonly noted during major cosmic events, however, there may be other medical-related causes.

Thank You ~Alex Myles

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