An awareness of how people project their past onto us and this is not personal.

In an unconscious state we are ego-centric (meaning we believe everything happening to us is because of us) everything is personal. As we become conscious we see that people project their inner emotional world outwards and this means nothing about who we are. It is a statement and manifestation of their own past trauma.

An awareness of our own energy and how it’s impacted others.

In childhood, we had no choice in the energy we were around. Many of us loved people who consistently made us feel unsafe and found those same relationships as adults. Awakening gives us awareness of our own energy and how others impact which allows us to set boundaries around them.

A pull towards nature and quiet.

Nervous system dysregulation can cause us to seek loud, “exciting”, “chaotic” environments that are familiar to our childhood experience and stimulate the nervous system. A pull towards nature and quiet is the mind and body’s attempt to ground and heal.

Awareness of Authentic Self.

Trauma causes disconnection from ourselves and our true nature because traits or parts of who we were unconsciously seen as “bad” or unacceptable by those closest to us in childhood. As we awaken spiritually, we see that a lot of our anxiety, depression, and confusion comes from our loss of true self.

Awareness of our ego.

The ego can be perceived as a self-identity belief system (who you believe you are) that forms in childhood based on the beliefs of parent-figures and culture. This perception of Ego creates a steady stream of thoughts all day long that we call “truth”.

A need to serve your purpose and help others serve theirs.

Trauma leaves us in survival mode where we live under the belief that we must compete with others and that other people are always out to hurt/harm us. As we awaken, we become more aware of our true purpose and help to elevate and collaborate with those around us.

An acceptance of multiple realities.

The more a parent-figure unconsciously denied our realities (our feelings, beliefs, thoughts) the more threatened we are by the different realities of others. Our ego becomes rigid through beliefs of “right” and “wrong”/“black” and “white” based on our limited perception. Awakening allows us to understand perception is reality and our reality is valid simply because we experience it.

A love for our inner child.

Each of us has an inner child who’s lived through many experiences that were too “big” or painful to process. As we awaken we begin to consciously create safety and loving awareness for the inner child that needs healing.

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