Spiritual Growth – Rise above Frustrations of Daily Living

The spiritual growth of an individual enables an individual to rise above their circumstances. It enables them to maintain a calm, peaceful demeanor even under trying circumstances. It literally means the growth of a person’s spirit towards their Soul Self.

Spiritual growth enables a person to become resilient and rise above the frustrations of daily living. When people start growing spiritually, negativity finds its way out. They become a source of happiness for themselves and for the people around them.

Devoting some time everyday for spiritual pursuit is a definite step in your road to spiritual growth. The daily practice may be meditation or prayer or simply taking a walk in silence. Let us look at some simple practices that can help us move ahead in the path of spiritual growth.


Spiritual growth starts with introspection and self-awareness. When we make the effort to look into ourselves and our motivations, we become aware of the source of disruptions within our character and repeated patterns of behaviour. This self-awareness leads us to self-improvement.

Reading spiritual texts, attending discourses and associating with like-minded people enables us to progress on the spiritual path.


Awareness of the transitory nature of things builds in us a feeling of detachment. Nothing lasts forever and change is the only constant in life. Once we accept this truth, we are empowered to accept all aspects of life.


Meditation helps us calm our mind and empty it of the chatter and self-talk that distracts us from the task at hand. The mind is an unfettered being and needs constant control to stop it from becoming wayward. We should always attempt to focus the mind away from distractions and focus on the present moment.


Positivity enhances happiness. Negative thinking pulls us down. If a negative thought enters our mind, we should attempt to fill the mind with positive thoughts giving no space for negativity to dwell and grow.

Always look for the best in people and give people a chance to live up to your belief in them. Positivity means practicing the generosity and compassion that give you a feeling of fulfillment. Think about all the nice things in your life and try to laugh as many times as possible in a day.


Gratitude is a very powerful emotion. The feelings of gratitude towards the Universe for all its bounties attract more blessings and benevolence. Whining for what we do not have leads to pain and suffering. But if you genuinely try to count the blessings you have already, you will be filled with gratitude and regular practice can elevate your spirits.

Healthy eating and living

The mind and body work in tandem to stay healthy. It is essential to eat healthy to attain physical health. Vices like smoking and drinking hold no nutritional value and could impair the higher vibration of spiritual growth.


Fasting has been a way of prayer and atonement. To start with, a person can skip a meal or two per week which can be then progressed to a full day without eating.


Spiritual growth encompasses healing and the acceptance of self. We need to love ourselves and accept all our flaws in order to grow spiritually.

Forgiveness is a panacea for all ills that plague us. We need to forgive ourselves and others for wrongs done, to achieve peace. This is best explained in what Mahatma Gandhi said: “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”


Reading spiritually-inspiring books is really uplifting and leads one through the path of spiritual growth. The serenity prayer “Grant me courage to change the things I can, serenity to accept the things I cannot, and wisdom to see the difference” having its roots in common sense and positivity appeals to theists and atheists alike. It helps us make a choice on deciding our attitude to setbacks and difficulties.

Thank You Vasantha Chary

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