Sensing Personal Energy Fields

You can easily feel the quality of other people’s personal fields. You, like everybody, tend to frequency-match the people you’re near, and this lets you pick up the quality of their field in your own body and field, as though you’re a tuning fork resonating to another tuning fork.d52038536384e9ef4c16c3cb127c95c6

Around a disturbed person, you may feel nervous and antsy. Around a clear, warmhearted person, you may feel like laughing and being generous. You may fear a fearful person, or get angry with an angry person. Around a perfectionist, you may lack confidence or make silly mistakes, because that’s what they themselves are most afraid of. Other people will do the same thing with you. If people aren’t acknowledging you, you may be withholding your energy. If you’re being repeatedly misunderstood, you may be sending mixed messages about what you want. If you’re clear and openhearted, those around you feel more empowered and accepted for who they are. We’re all reading each other’s fields constantly.

Try This!

Reading Personal Fields

  1. As you move around in the world, be extra attentive to the people you encounter—children, adults, and elders alike. Notice your first impressions, first from a distance and again as you come closer. Notice how your body feels, without reading facial expressions or interpreting body language. Do you feel certain intensities, emotional qualities, or levels of light? Do you hear tones? Sense colors?

  2. Pay attention when you walk through other people’s fields and when they walk through yours. Is subtle information exchanged? Is their field cluttered or clear? Are they in their body or spaced out?

  3. Experiment with adjusting the vibration of your field as you interact with others. Sometimes you can affect other people’s fields with your own; try “lightening up”and see if other people match you.

  4. Now, see if you can feel the fields of plants and trees. Do some feel really healthy and others, not so vibrant?

The more you match other people’s varying frequencies without returning to your own center and home frequency, the more confused—and confusing to others—you become, because you aren’t being coherent. Your energy body is saying one thing, but you’ve taken on the overlay of someone else’s pattern that may not be natural or truthful for you. If you pay attention when you experience mixed signals from other people’s fields, you may notice it causes you to feel discordant or have an uncomfortable impression of untrustworthiness or incompetence—basically, you want to avoid that person.

514a6b5c4e41e84e2895e66e8a6b4b3bWhen you match a field with a low vibration and feel worse for doing it, the action may be unconscious, but it’s still your choice. The same goes for suffering people who you’d like to help or rescue. You don’t have to feel bad because someone else is blocked. And you cannot force someone’s personal field to change any more than they can force you to change yours. Free will is the name of the game.

We can influence each other, though, and the sweet gets faster, more permanent results than the bitter. It’s easier to influence others to raise their frequency and expand than it is to pressure them to change via threats. Because we tend to match each other’s frequencies, you might make a game of becoming a clear space in the world. You might “strike your tuning fork” to radiate high-frequency energy to everyone you encounter. Wise people serve others by being clearings in the unified field of humanity—so that whoever comes near, in thought, feeling, or physical form, also becomes clear to some degree via frequency matching.

This clarity of your personal field is a function of a loving heart; it’s as if the heart expands to become the entire personal field. A friend of mine calls this “the heart with no skin.”When the heart takes over, the Soul embodies. The Soul’s compassion vibration is truth, and somewhere inside every one of us is the knowledge that contracted states aren’t what we want and aren’t who we are. It means people are naturally inclined to open up and be more loving, and will always choose heart if given the chance. You can give them the chance.

~ Just Us

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