Kids Learn to Grow Their Own Food at Kitchen Community

What happens when green thumbs meet the school yard?

Kimbal Musk co-founded Kitchen Community after observing how school gardens lead to children developing healthier eating habits, improve their performance in the classroom, and provide an outlet to deal with stress.

The CEO aimed to grow (no pun intended) the real food movement so children around the United States could join communities where they learn about what it takes to grow your own food and practice healthy habits.

These communities are Learning Gardens–outdoor classrooms installed in schools with access to limited resources.

The Learning Garden installment comes with 19-inch raised beds, plenty of seating, and a training course for teachers so they can implement the program. The Learning Gardens are also customizable depending on the school’s needs.

Through the initiative, students learn skills such as planting, growing, harvesting, and watering. Currently, Kitchen Community has gardens in Memphis, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Denver, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and they’re looking to expand into other cities as well.

Thank you, Rebecca Wojno


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