Eliminate Problems From Within Using Spiritual Cleansing

What is spiritual cleansing? It is a type of healing that seeks to identify and cure the spiritual cause of any problem that is manifesting in your life. If you are not a spiritual person, you can also think of this as energy clearing.

When you look at any disruption of energy, you can take two approaches: One, that your disruption of energy comes from external sources (the economy, other people, the weather, etc.), or two, that this disruption comes from spiritual sources (or if you’re not spiritual, from energetic sources).

When traditional approaches don’t work – for example, medicine, working harder or trying harder, you can turn to spiritual cleansing to get to the root of the problem and solve it from within.

You can use spiritual cleansing for:

  • ‘Bad energy’, ‘bad vibes’ or unexplained disturbances or lack of well-being in a home or workplace
  • Persistent relationship problems (recurring patterns)
  • Prior to doing spiritual work such as a spiritual retreat or intense meditation
  • To remove a persistent feeling of negative, heavy energy surrounding you
  • Persistent financial difficulties
  • Getting over a divorce (feelings of hurt, guilt, fear, shame, anger, resentment and sadness can be hard to get rid of and can easily manifest in physical problems)

How is spiritual cleansing going to take care of life’s problems?

Spiritual cleansing is based on the concept that everything is energy: Humans, thoughts, plants, rocks, light, emotions, animals, space… everything.

Energies impact and change each other.

For example, you may have gone through a difficult period in your life.

You may think that you’ve successfully dealt with the emotional trauma of that time, but if you are experiencing recurring or persistent disruptions or problems (be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) then that negative energy is still within you.

It is still impacting you – not just anytime you think about that difficulty or feel emotions about it, but in general, since you still carry that energy with you.

If you address the energetic cause and release that negative energy, then the physical manifestation will often spontaneously take care of itself (or it will make its clearing much easier).

If you’ve ever felt a heaviness or lethargy after an emotionally difficult event, you are carrying that negativity around with you!

If you have ever felt a strong positive or negative vibe from people, places or things, you are receiving that energy and if you allow it to remain in your energy field, it can adversely affect you.

Much of this happens subconsciously but think of it this way: if you think about an undesirable situation and feed that negativity, it literally becomes a part of you. For example, if you are in an argument with someone and later, you keep returning to that argument and reliving it, you are perpetuating and increasing the negativity!

If you go through a difficult period, you can unwittingly start a powerful downward spiral of negativity since like attracts like. You may go through a divorce, for example; your negative thoughts about attract more negative energy perhaps in the form of health problems, work problems, relationship issues with your family, and so forth.

And the more thought/emotional energy you give to all these new problems, the worse it gets.

3 Elements Of Spiritual Cleansing

  1. Gathering information about the problem (the symptoms of the spiritual disturbance or imbalance); this process involves more than just physical observation.A trained Soul Mentor can discern disturbance and imbalances in a person’s energy field, aura, and chakras.
  2. This is followed by a spiritual analysis. Sometimes, just knowing the source of a physical problem is helpful in releasing it: for example, deeply seated pain and anger from a divorce can become so buried that you can be completely unaware that you still hold the energetic ‘signature’ of that event in your cells.When you identify that the cause of your physical problem is this particular spiritual disturbance, you can get right to the source and heal from within, on a Soul Level.
  3. The last phase involves cleansing the energy, removing blockages and negativity, and rebalancing the person’s energy field. You’ll quickly see results in your life as you are freed from the energetic burdens you carry!

Spiritual cleansing is about replacing negative or otherwise undesirable energy with positive, desirable energy.

Spiritual cleansing isn’t limited to human beings. Since everything is energy, you can periodically do a spiritual cleanse on your home, car, workplace, objects you own, places you spend time in, etc. – basically anything that doesn’t carry a positive vibe.

Enter any cleansing process with a positive, upbeat attitude. Avoid going into it with an attitude that you are “fighting evil” or anything like that – because by their very nature, the words fighting and evil are infused with negative energy and so you’ll only attract more negativity!

Go into the process in the spirit of attracting energy that nourishes you!

An example of spiritual cleansing is smudging: This ancient cleansing method uses the burning of dried sage or pine. It involves moving through the space you wish to clear, with the smoke of the sage or pine contributing to the cleansing.

You can also visualize the movement of negative energy away from, and movement of positive energy to, the person, place or thing you are cleansing.

Another example of spiritual cleansing is to bless water before you drink it.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments with human intentions and water are fascinating glimpses into the power of your intentions to influence your environment.

If you bless, thank, appreciate and love water before you drink it, you actually affect its energy, and that change will benefit you, too!

After a spiritual cleansing and transformation of energy, you will feel lighter physically, emotionally and energetically – and you’ll feel a mental clarity that is free of clutter and negativity. It’s simply amazing.


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