A Child Learns A Lesson From A Tree

A small child wandered through the forest

Looking for hope, hungry for a bit of faith

That something existed bigger than him.

He needed to find a reason for being.

He leaned against a giant tree

And put his arms around its trunk.

He closed his eyes and tried to rest.

After an hour had passed, he noticed

The bark of the tree was rough.

Insects scurried back and forth

In between the ridges in the bark.

The tree provided shelter and food

For the insects passing by.

He breathed in the cool air

And embraced the solitude that

Surrounded him in the forest glade.

A bird flew above his head

And perched on the tree’s branches.

Nearby, came the chirps from a nest

Hidden in a canopy of leaves and twigs.

Again, this tree was providing shelter

For many of the creatures in the forest.

The child could feel the energy coming

From the heart and Soul of the tree.

He could feel its unique vibrations

Enter his body and expand his Soul,

Until he too felt as one with the tree.

“I feel renewed,” he cried.                            

“This energy is bigger than me.

I too am made by The Creator’s hand

To provide support for those

In need of renewal and hope.”

“All of us are part of the whole,”

He said.

Frequency Music THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT ⁂ Elevate your Vibration ⁂ Positive Aura Cleanse ⁂ 432Hz Music Today’s video is inspired by a beautiful concept called the Butterfly Effect. It’s the idea that even the smallest of our actions can cause ripples in the world, altering the course of events.

Thank you, Yu/stan/kema!

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