9 Inspiring Hacks for Your Stay-At-Home Life!

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Check out our list of engaging and creative things to do if you find yourself having to stay indoors for the next fortnight.

If you’re among the many people who need to remain at home, alone or with family due to the current quarantine season, we’re bringing you 9 upbeat and inspiring ideas of things to do.

For many, this extended downtime in their domestic space will be an opportunity to enjoy more “me time”. It’s also a chance to catch up on things you’ve kept meaning to do but ended up postponing when daily life got in the way. Stay tuned for upcoming positive content on Goodnet about how to fill your extended time at home.

1. Binge on your favorite TV shows and films

Why not indulge in a huge helping of your favorite TV shows like “Fleabag”, “Little America” or “Glow” to get through this fortnight?

If you love films, your movie nights can extend into movie days! Whether you favor romantic dramas, historical sagas, action or suspense, you’ve got time to enjoy a movie marathon now.

2. Go on a virtual trip around the world

Just because your vacation plans are now on hold, there’s no reason you can’t take a virtual trip to the most scenic or exotic spots the world has to offer. National Geographic’s Instagram account has unforgettable images like this one:


Not only will time fly by, but you can decide on your bucket list of top destinations when you return to flying for real again!


3. Lose yourself in a good book

If your hectic schedule meant that reading books was just a resolution, and new books remained unread on your bookshelf, now’s the time to pick them up and chill.


If you didn’t actually get your hands on the novels, the best sellers on the list from the New York Times are a good starting point for inspiration. Here are websites where thrifty bookworms can download e-books for free.

4. Create a home spa in your bathroom!

Make a beeline for your fave oils, creams and soaps, and pamper yourself. You’ll emerge with a healthy glow (or at least a shinier version of you!).

Did you know that there are lots of online hacks for creating your own chemical-free cosmetics and beauty products? Try these on for size!

5. Cook some new delish dishes

Unless you’re planning on dining on takeout food for the next couple of weeks, why not brush up on your cooking skills? The net is full of amazing recipes you can experiment with. Why not add ingredients that you don’t usually use to your online shopping to fuel this new food hobby?


And don’t worry if the dishes don’t come out looking like the glossy foodie pics online – you or your loved ones will probably be the only ones to notice!

6. Time for a dance party!

Put your favorite music on and dance out your stress. Dancing releases feel-good hormones


. It’s a great low-impact workout that boosts cardiovascular health and, stamina, strengthens bones, tones muscles and staves off illness.


It’s also a great way to shed some calories and is an instant mood booster!

7. Workout in your living room!

No home equipment, no problem! The internet is packed with inspiring ideas to suit all levels and working out styles. Here’s how simple stairs can be your new friends!


8. Get creative with quality time for kids

Get your kids off their devices! This is your chance to show them that some good old- fashioned pursuits like box games, charades, cooking snacks — for instance using cookie cutters to make star- or dinosaur-shaped sandwiches — are fun.


Home-based physical activities for children include turning on the music for a dance session, letting them splash in the bathtub (supervised, of course!), enjoying an air-mattress trampoline, treasure hunts and obstacle courses. Just doing several jumping jacks will help them (and you) expend energy.

9. Kondo your home!

You know you’ve been meaning to streamline your closet à la Marie Kondo for ages. The time is now! Put clothing that you’ve never worn in a bag to donate to your local thrift store later and watch this video and adapt Kondo’s world-famous tidying technique in a way that suits you.




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