3 Ways To Awaken Your Inner Child

Do you want to regain the vitality and creativity you had when you were young? This is possible if you embrace and nurture your inner child. Creating a strong relationship with your inner child is essential for a healthy and whole life. Here are three ways to build up this relationship and help you with anxiety or depression.

1. Get to Know Your Inner Child

First things first, you need to get to know your inner child. Make a list of stuff you enjoyed when you were young and remember the joy you felt when engaging in them. You could also try writing a letter to the inner child or meeting him or her in meditation. Another way to embrace the child in you is to understand your feelings and to be mindful of your inner critic. The inner critic will convince you that insecurities, inconsistencies, and silliness are not for adults. Respect the inner critic, but understand that it developed as the inner child was being suppressed. It is the part of your inner child that has been let down, so respond with love.

WikiHow has an amazing step by step process for building a strong relationship with your inner child. You should check it out.

2. Engage in Activities Your Inner Child Loves

Once it is determined what activities the inner child loves, it is important to nurture the inner child by engaging in these activities. When kids are around, let the inner child out during playtime. Nothing is better for the inner child than playing with other children. It is also good for children to see their parents lighthearted in play instead of constantly in mother or father mode.

According to AllWomensTalk, great activities to induce your inner child include tag, hide and seek, playing at the playground, coloring, game night, flying a kite, and any childhood activity one can think of. Think about what your inner child enjoys doing and do it.

3. Buy Fun Stuff for Inner Child

AllWomensTalk also suggests buying toys and other fun stuff for the inner child in you. Go and find the toys we all loved playing with when younger. It does not matter what it is: dolls, legos, dinosaurs, stuffed animals, anything. Alternatively, when finding something new that piques your interest, buy it! We are under the impression that toys are just for kids. But toys lead to creativity and imagination. When was the last time you exercised those parts of the creative personality?

We’ve discussed before that coloring is proven to be a stress reliever for adults. So grab a coloring book and have some fun as if you were a kid again.

Nurturing the inner child will improve one’s life. Also, if you have children, it will also improve your relationship with them. Take a step back from all the adult roll that takes over life and really focus on the essence what makes us playful.

What results can you expect from awakening your inner child? You’ll be happier.

Thank you, David Wolfe.



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